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Platzi Rest API

the best and most unofficial Platzi REST API


Right now the API only has two endpoints.

Profile [/profile/{username}]

# Status: 200

It will return the following information

Property Name Description
avatar The image url that the user uploaded in their profile page
bio The bio of the user
careers Array of career Object
career[].name The name of the career
career[].badge The badge of the career
country country of the user. It depends on the privacy settings of the user
courses Array of course Object
course[].badge The badge of the course
courses[].title The title of the course
courses[].career Career where the course belongs.
facebook facebook url profile page of the user. It depends on the privacy settings of the user
flagUrl the image url of the country user. It depends on the privacy settings of the user
platziLive The url of the platzi live show if it is happening
name The name of the user. it depends on the privacy settings of the user
oldCourses Array of course Object
oldCourses[].badge The bad of the course
oldCourses[].title The title of the course
totalPoints The total of points earned by the user
totalQuestions The total of questions made by the user
totalAnswers The total of answers made by the user
twitter twitter url profile page of the user
website website url of the user

If the username does not exists you will receive a 404 HTTP status (NOT FOUND)

# Status: 404

if the username has a private profile you will receive a 403 HTTP status (Forbidden)

# Status: 403

⚠️ IMPORTANT️ ⚠️ : I am using Acosticarito username since it was the first one who show in the forums page and happy coincidence she has a private profile. Please do not try to contact her outside platzi, do not be the weird and creepy guy. If you are Acosticarito and you do not want to be expose in here please open an issue in this repo and I will remove inmediately

Profile [/profiles/{username}/{username2}/matches]

# Status: 200
Property Name Description
match The percentage match between 2 platzi users
totalMatches Total of careers and courses who both users have in common
totalCareers Total of careers both users have approved in platzi

If the API can have enought information about the two users it will return a 400 status code, probably because either the user does not exist or have a private profile.

# Status: 400


You will need node 8.x.x and google chrome installed in your computer.

  1. Install dependencies
npm i # shortcut for npm install
  1. Create a .env file with the following variables
# In mac I normally use /Applications/Google Chrome

# use false if you want to google chrome open right on your face!
  1. Run webserver
npm start
  1. Testing

We are using jest because it's kinda awesome.

npm t # shortcut for npm test
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