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A wordpress Underscore-powered theme for wordpress
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Epfl theme (Wordpress)


  • production build of elements located in /assets
  • composer


  1. Copy (or symlink) the theme in the /wp-content/themes directory of your project
  2. Nothing more, you're ready to go! 🚀

Recovering the last version of the styleguide

  • head towards
  • use git clone / download zip to recover the files of this branch
  • put all these recovered files into wp-theme-2018/assets
    • delete the branch: git branch -D dist/frontend
    • git fetch and git checkout dist/frontend
  • commit the builds
  • here you go, you just updated the styleguide version contained in this theme !

Create a new release



  • make sure your local branches master and dev are up-to-date
  • start a release: git flow release start x.x.x
  • update the following files:
    • wp-theme-2018/VERSION with the version number
    • wp-theme-2018/style.css with the version number
    • with a description of all the changes since last release
  • commit them in a "Bump version" commit
  • finish the release: git flow release finish x.x.x -p -m "x.x.x"
  • head over this repo on github, on the release tab (or go directly using
  • go to Draft a new release
  • choose the release number you just created, insert the changelog informations into the release description
  • Publish the release
  • congratulation, the repo has been released ! 🎉


Each shortcode has its own subfoler in the shortcodes/ directory, placed at the root of the template.

The index.php automatically loads all files named controller.php in all subfolders.

├── shortcodes/
|   ├── index.php
|   ├── placeholder.php
|   ├── [shortcode-slug]/
|       ├── controller.php
|       └── view.php
└── ├── ...
file role
controller.php - recover the plugin datas using (actions)[]
- Pass data to the view
- Render view
- use (Shortcake)[] API to declare backend UI
view.php Output shortcode's html using given datas
shortcake.php Defines shortcake admin interface
placeholder.php a custom component to display in admin editor


EPFL shortcode

These shortcodes are used to display data coming from EPFL Apis. the EPFL provides a plugin responsible for fetching the data, formatting it and declaring a correct backend UI via (Shortcake)[].

To share data between the plugin and the theme, the plugins use wordpress (actions)[].

The role of the theme is only to output correct markup for each given shortcode, using the given data, retrieved with the corresponding action.

Add a shortcode

  1. Create a new folder in shortcodes/
  2. create controller.php
  3. create view.php
  4. implement your logic in the controller, your rendering in the view
  5. enjoy!
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