Virtual Object Dynamical System for Dual-Arm Coordination, controller and execution class.
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This packages contains the multi arm motion generator presented in the following paper:

@INPROCEEDINGS{Salehian-RSS-16, AUTHOR = {Seyed Sina Mirrazavi Salehian AND Nadia Figueroa AND Aude Billard}, TITLE = {Coordinated multi-arm motion planning: Reaching for moving objects in the face of uncertainty}, BOOKTITLE = {Proceedings of Robotics: Science and Systems}, YEAR = {2016}, ADDRESS = {AnnArbor, Michigan}, MONTH = {June}, DOI = {10.15607/RSS.2016.XII.019} }

Note: For sack of simplicity of the repository and make the repo very easy to use for a wide variety of scenarios, the general formulation of LVP systems (\Sum_{i=1}^{K} A_i(\theta)) is not included in this repository. Please contact Sina Mirrazavi for more information.