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EPFL Web Styleguide

👉 View online


To contribute and run the styleguide, you will need few things :

Then, to install the project onto your workstation:

$ git clone
$ cd ./elements
$ yarn

Run locally

As listed in the package.json, the following commands are available:

  • $ yarn start : Will launch a live reloaded server to help you during development
  • $ yarn build : Will build your assets for production usage

Create a new release

1. Create a Git tag

  1. Pick a new version number for the release in accordance with the semver principles
  2. Append a fragment to and commit
  3. Use git tag to create a tag with the chosen version number
  4. Push everything:
    git push
    git push --tags

2. Create a GitHub release

Not functioning yet — To be documented.

3. Update

Not functioning yet — To be documented.


The project is using the Gitflow workflow. It defines a strict branching model designed around the project release.

You can learn more on the following resources :