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Backup your raspi
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Script to backup a Raspberry Pi SDCARD to a file. The resulting file can be installed to a sdcard. Refer to

Author / Origin:

This script is inpired by user jinx.


  • COMMAND OPTION sdimage


  • start [-cslzdf] [-L logfile] sdimage
  • mount [-c] sdimage [mountdir]
  • umount sdimage [mountdir]
  • gzip [-df] sdimage
  • showdf sdimage


  • start - starts complete backup of RPi's SD Card to 'sdimage'
  • mount - mounts the 'sdimage' to 'mountdir' (default: /mnt/'sdimage'/)
  • umount - unmounts the 'sdimage' from 'mountdir'
  • gzip - compresses the 'sdimage' to 'sdimage'.gz
  • showdf - Shows allocation of image


  • -c creates the SD Image if it does not exist
  • -i defines a different source device path instead of the default /dev/mmcblk0
  • -l writes rsync log to 'sdimage'-YYYYmmddHHMMSS.log
  • -z compresses the SD Image (after backup) to 'sdimage'.gz
  • -d deletes the SD Image after successful compression
  • -f forces overwrite of 'sdimage'.gz if it exists
  • -L logfile writes rsync log to 'logfile'
  • -s define the size of the image file


Start backup to backup.img, creating it if it does not exist: start -c /path/to/backup.img

Start backup to backup.img, creating it if it does not exist, limiting the size to 8000Mb. Remember you are responsible defineing the size large enough to hold all files to backup! There's no such thing as a size check. start -s 8000 -c /path/to/backup.img

Refresh (incremental backup) of backup.img. You can only refresh a noncompressed image. start /path/to/backup.img

Mount the RPi's SD Image in /mnt/backup.img: mount /path/to/backup.img /mnt/backup.img

Unmount the SD Image from default mountdir (/mnt/backup.img/): umount /path/to/backup.img

show allocation of SD Image: showdf /path/to/backup.img


This script takes a backup while the source partitions are mounted and in use. The resulting imagefile will be inconsistent!

To minimize inconsistencies, you should terminate as many services as possible before starting the backup. An example is provided as

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