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How to open an R Shiny modal popup from a hyperlink in a datatable
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Sometimes there are too many rows in a data table to display on one page and scrolling is not the most user-friendly way to solve this. This examples provides a way to layer information into a lightbox modal pop-up which can be accessed by clicking a link in a data table.

You can try out the app here

alt text

How it works

Add an an extra column for the data in your table and attach a Shiny event listener to it to return its index

dat <- dat %>%
  mutate(More = paste0('
  <span style="float:right;">
    <a href="javascript:void(0)" onmousedown="',
             'Shiny.onInputChange(\'DTClick\',[', GID, ',Math.random()]);',
             ' event.preventDefault(); event.stopPropagation(); return false;">
                <font color="grey">&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&nbsp;&nbsp;</font>

Listen for the click and show a modal

observeEvent(input$DTClick, {
        title = "Sample message",
        div(HTML(paste0("You just clicked row ", as.numeric(input$DTClick[1]))),
        easyClose = TRUE,
        footer = NULL
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