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IPAC: IndustryPack Driver for EPICS

This is the latest home of the EPICS ipac module, which provides a standard API for Industry Pack carrier boards, and ensures that drivers for individual IP modules do not need to understand or control the carrier board they are installed in. Also included with this software are some IP module drivers that use the ipac carrier layer.

This web-site gives access to the IPAC source code and its associated documentation, and provides an issue tracker for reporting bugs and enhancement requests.

Hardware Supported

Software is included to control the following hardware:

Other module and carrier drivers are also available that use drvIpac, see the EPICS Hardware Support Database for a list.

Released Versions

The source code and documentation for each release can be obtained from the relevent 'IPAC Version' link below:

IPAC Version EPICS Base Version
Version 2.15 3.14.12 or later
Version 2.14 3.14.12 or later
Version 2.13 3.14.9 or later
Version 2.12 3.14.9 or later
Version 2.11 3.14.9 or later
Version 2.10 3.14.9 or later
Version 2.9 3.14.9 or later
Version 2.8 3.14.3 through
Version 2.7a 3.14.3 through
Version 2.6 3.14.3 through
Version 2.5 3.14.2
Version 2.4 3.13.x
Version 2.3 3.13.x
Version 2.2 3.13.x
Version 2.1 3.13.x
Version 2.0 3.13.x


From version 2.2 of this software onwards, most of the files in the IPAC module are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1. If the specific license concerns you, check the individual source files for information on their status; all LGPL source files include a statement to that effect in the file header comments.

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