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Fork of Jean-Yves Lefort's mail-notification, a tray icon to notify of new mail
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art mail-notification-5.1 Nov 6, 2010
data Removed the --sm-disable flag from the autostart file Aug 20, 2012
help/C mail-notification-5.4 Nov 6, 2010
jbsrc Allow building the evolution plugin when using GTK2 Nov 24, 2012
src Fix launching of Seamonkey Mail reader Dec 31, 2013
tests mail-notification-5.1 Nov 6, 2010
ui Support both gtk2 and gtk3 Nov 24, 2012
AUTHORS mail-notification-5.0 Nov 6, 2010
COPYING-DOCS mail-notification-5.0-rc1 Nov 6, 2010
NEWS mail-notification-5.4 Nov 6, 2010
README README for fork Nov 6, 2010
README.orig README for fork Nov 6, 2010
TODO mail-notification-5.1 Nov 6, 2010
TRANSLATING mail-notification-5.0 Nov 6, 2010


This is a fork of Jean-Yves Lefort's excellent mail-notification. I am 
attempting to bring the code up to date with the latest GNOME releases, and to 
improve its build process.

The original README can be found in README.orig. The following dependencies 
apply to this forked version, in addition to those listed in README.orig:

    * gob 2.0.17 (for generating GObject .c and .h files)
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