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5.4 May 22, 2008
* Core changes:
* Messages that the user has considered as read are
now remembered across sessions (#229167)
* IMAP changes:
* A regression introduced in 5.1 caused some read
messages to be reported as unread: fixed (#230425)
* Updated translations:
* French
* Polish (Tomasz Sałaciński)
5.3 April 27, 2008
* Core changes:
* Compile options are now passed to the C compiler in
the appropriate order, fixing the build with options
such as -Wl,--as-needed (#214450)
* The "connection to the D-Bus session was lost" error
dialog is no longer displayed on logout
* The .desktop files have been improved (#204466)
* IMAP, Maildir and POP3 changes:
* The message caching code introduced in 5.1 sometimes
caused a crash: fixed (#210915)
* Evolution changes:
* A regression introduced in 5.1 caused a crash on
64-bit systems: fixed (#208149)
* Windows Live Hotmail changes:
* Spanish inbox support has been fixed (#214986)
* Updated translations:
* Spanish (Nacho Hermoso de Mendoza)
5.2 March 20, 2008
* Core changes:
* GConf default values were no longer registered:
* The GConf sanity check code (which caused MN to
refuse to run if some GConf default values are
missing) was no longer compiled in: fixed
5.1 March 20, 2008
* Core changes:
* The message count of the status icon was sometimes
not properly redrawn: fixed (#185999)
* Time settings are now entered using sliders; these
sliders are non-linear and allow to easily choose an
appropriate value without having to use the keyboard
* The "mailbox name" and "delay between mail checks"
mailbox settings have been moved to a separate tab,
and are no longer modified as a side effect of
modifying other settings (it could be confusing)
* The cancel button of the mailbox properties dialog
now works in a standard way: if the apply button was
used, these changes are undone
* The number of messages of the tooltip mail summary
is now limited, via the
/apps/mail-notification/popups/limit GConf key
* The transparency issue of the tooltip mail summary
( was still
present: fixed
* The interprocess communication code now uses D-Bus
rather than Bonobo. This move was made because
Bonobo suffers from a number of bugs and
limitations, and is deprecated.
* libeel is no longer used since its API is not stable
* The build system has been changed from the GNU
Autotools to JB (the Jean-Yves Lefort's Build
* IMAP, Maildir, mbox, MH, Mozilla, POP3, Sylpheed, Windows
Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail changes:
* The GConf setting
/apps/mail-notification/fallback-charsets has been
added. This setting is used when attempting to
convert invalidly encoded message headers to
UTF-8. Previously, the hardcoded fallback encoding
was ISO8859-1, but changes in GMime 2.2.7 broke the
fallback code.
* IMAP, Maildir and POP3 changes:
* Bandwidth usage has been reduced (message headers
are now cached)
* IMAP and POP3 changes:
* SSL/TLS error messages are now more detailed
* Sylpheed and Maildir changes:
* Message popup actions are now executed in a separate
thread, to avoid blocking the user interface
* Maildir changes:
* The "delete message" dialog (which is displayed when
a message cannot be moved to the trash) could
disappear if the mailbox changed: fixed
* MH changes:
* xmh mailboxes containing no new mail are now
properly detected as MH mailboxes (#196929, patch by
Peter Kjellerstedt)
* Windows Live Hotmail changes:
* Account languages other than English are now
supported. Support was added for Brazilian
Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German,
Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish,
Swedish (#185993).
* Folder names containing non-ASCII characters are now
handled properly
* Yahoo! Mail changes:
* Folder names containing ISO8859-1 characters in the
range 128-255 are now handled properly
* Evolution changes:
* When Evolution is not running, it is now monitored
passively rather than checked every second. This
change was made possible by the switch from Bonobo
to D-Bus.
* The "delay between mail checks" option is no longer
used (previously, it was only used when the
Evolution folder was not found, but not even that is
* Updated translations:
* French
* Serbian (Filip Miletic)
* Spanish (Nacho Hermoso de Mendoza)
* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
5.0 January 4, 2008
* Core changes:
* The tooltip mail summary now respects the GTK+ theme
colors (#177067)
* The "Sent:" fields of the tooltip are now updated
only once per second, when the second changes
(previously, they were updated twice per second at
no precise point in time, so they could lag behind
the clock for as much as half a second)
* IMAP and POP3 changes:
* The build no longer fails when SSL/TLS is disabled
* Updated translations:
* Serbian (Filip Miletic)
* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
* New translations:
* Spanish (Nacho Hermoso de Mendoza)
Note: below, bug numbers refer to the old bug tracker
5.0 Release Candidate 1 November 27, 2007
* Core changes:
* A "Play a sound when new mail arrives" option has
been added
* Yahoo! Mail support has been added (requires
* Windows Live Hotmail support has been added
(requires GetLive)
* A "consider new mail as read" action has been added
* An optional message count has been added over the
icon (#18241)
* The "Display the properties dialog" click action was
not very useful and has been removed
* The size of the status icon is now dynamically
adjusted when the size of the notification area
* The mailbox list icon selection algorithm has been
made more coherent; the "timer" icon was confusing
and has been removed
* In order to simplify the properties dialog, several
options have been removed (they are however still
available in GConf)
* The "Delay between mail checks" spin buttons did not
retain a value typed in manually: fixed (#19379)
* If a mailbox was added or removed while the "Test
messages" option was enabled, a bogus mailbox was
added to the configuration file: fixed
* If some GConf default values are missing, MN will
now refuse to run. This ensures that MN will not
behave unexpectedly because of unproper
* The simultaneous number of popups is now limited
* New messages are no longer cleared when a mailbox
error occurs. This way, already shown message popups
will not unduly reappear after the error is unset
* Message popups are now closed when MN exits
* Minor bugs have been fixed (#20266, #20352, #20353)
* Mail Notification is now licensed under the terms of
the GNU General Public License version 3
* The documentation is now licensed under the terms of
the GNU Free Documentation License version 1.2
* Gmail, IMAP and POP3 changes:
* Passwords are now encrypted, using GNOME
Keyring. Note that I do not endorse the flawed GNOME
Keyring approach of granting passwords an
encryption-worth status while ignoring other
sensitive data. Furthermore, at the time of this
writing, GNOME Keyring does not seem to prevent the
memory it uses for storing the passwords from being
swapped out to disk. However, despite these flaws,
it has been observed that GNOME Keyring has
beneficial psychological effects on some users. For
increased psychological well-being, MN even moves
the plain text passwords it finds in mailboxes.xml
to the keyring.
* Filling in the username in the mailbox properties is
now mandatory again (it had been optional since 2.0)
* IMAP and POP3 changes:
* The "Connect to untrusted server?" dialog is now
closed when the mailbox is removed
* Gmail changes:
* Label support has been added
* IMAP changes:
* IMAP URLs (RFC 2192) having no path component are
now handled properly again
* POP3 changes:
* The RSA MD5 implementation has been replaced by the
glibc implementation because the RSA license is
incompatible with the GPL (#21138)
* Maildir changes:
* The delete message action has been implemented
* MH changes:
* Race conditions with the MDA and MUA are now
avoided, using a delay-based workaround
* Evolution changes:
* The Evolution 2.12 API change which caused the build
to fail has been adapted to; as a consequence, MN
now requires Evolution 2.12 or superior (#20904)
* The configure script now properly uses the
unversioned evolution-plugin package which was
introduced with Evolution 2.10 (#20904, #20124)
* Sylpheed changes:
* The delay-based race condition avoidance code now
works regardless of the underlying file monitor
* Claws Mail mailboxes (which contain both a
.mh_sequences and a .sylpheed_mark file) are now
detected as Sylpheed mailboxes rather than as MH
mailboxes: this removes the need to use rcvstore
from procmail
* The --enable-sylpheed-locking configure option has
been removed: the appropriate race condition
avoidance strategy is now automatically detected at
* Updated translations:
* French
* Polish (Tomasz Sałaciński)
4.1 June 26, 2007
* Core changes:
* The at-spi breakage which caused MN to hang at
startup has been worked around (#19189)
* The order and presence of the message popup actions
is now configurable via the
/apps/mail-notification/popups/actions GConf key
* A delete message action has been added (#19696,
based on a patch by David Woodhouse)
* Command line options are now parsed with the GOption
* The tooltip mail summary is now truly transparent
* The src/automake.xml file is now distributed
* The documentation is now licensed under the terms of
the GNU Free Documentation License
* mbox, MH, Maildir, POP3, IMAP, Mozilla and Sylpheed changes:
* Messages marked as spam (by SpamAssassin or
bogofilter) are now ignored
* MH, Maildir and Sylpheed changes:
* Mailbox type change events are now properly handled
on all systems, regardless of the underlying file
monitor implementation
* POP3 and IMAP changes:
* If SSL/TLS support is not compiled in but a mailbox
is configured to use SSL/TLS, MN now refuses to
login (#20131)
* OpenSSL is now instructed to lookup CA certificates
from default locations (#19578)
* The SSL/TLS certificate verification code now checks
if the user-provided server name matches one of the
certificate-provided server names (RFC 3501 11.1)
* OpenSSL locking is now enabled, and the configure
script now ensures that OpenSSL supports
multi-threading (#19643)
* POP3 changes:
* An interoperability issue has been fixed (#19934)
* IMAP changes:
* Two interoperability issues have been fixed (#18865,
* Uncompliant servers which do not send an untagged
SEARCH response are now tolerated (#18876)
* Evolution changes:
* The 2.11/2.12 branch is now supported, and the
mail-notification plugin has been renamed so that it
does not conflict with the new Evolution plugin of
the same name (#20124)
* Updated translations:
* French
* Czech (Pav Lucistnik)
* Dutch (Marcel J. Zwiebel)
* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
* Serbian (Filip Miletic)
4.0 January 17, 2007
No major changes.
4.0 Release Candidate 2 December 7, 2006
* Evolution changes:
* An infinite loop has been fixed (see,
thanks to David Woodhouse for his help)
* Updated translations:
* Serbian (Filip Miletic)
* Czech (Pav Lucistnik)
* Dutch (Marcel J. Zwiebel)
* Brazilian Portuguese (Claudio André)
4.0 Release Candidate 1 November 27, 2006
* Core changes:
* The mail summary popup has been replaced by
libnotify message popups. These new message popups
also provide actions such as "Open" and "Mark as Spam"
* Mozilla products (Mozilla, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, ...)
mailboxes are now supported
* The mailbox properties dialog has been redesigned
* A new click action has been added: open the latest
* A MN icon set has been designed by Josef Vybíral
* A --print-summary command line argument has been
added, allowing to access message data from an
external program
* A mail-changed GConf command setting has been added
(it is executed when new mail is received or when a
message is read)
* Handling of the GNOME mail reader command: instead
of stripping %s, the first word of the command is
now used; moreover, mozilla and evolution are now
handled specially (#18257)
* The /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/mailto/needs_terminal
GConf key is now respected
* Could no longer close the about dialog with recent
GTK+ versions: fixed (#18252)
* POP3 changes:
* Messages kept on the server but marked as read are
now discarded. Note that this only works with
servers which send Status headers; most don't
* Evolution changes:
* All mailboxes now share the same CORBA connection to
Evolution (reduces resource usage)
* A mailbox properties dialog crash has been fixed
* Some memory leaks have been fixed
* Support for the Evolution 2.9/2.10 branch has been
* The Evolution 2.2 branch is no longer supported
* Updated translations:
* French
* Serbian (Filip Miletic)
* New translations:
* Catalan (Topi)
3.0 June 14, 2006
* Updated translations:
* Japanese (Hiroshi Hasebe)
3.0 Release Candidate 2 May 18, 2006
* Evolution changes:
* Evolution crashed when a message without Subject or
From header was received: fixed
* Mail Notification could crash when removing an
Evolution mailbox: fixed
* Updated translations:
* Japanese (Hiroshi Hasebe)
* Czech (Pav Lucistnik)
* Dutch (Marcel J. Zwiebel)
* New translations:
* Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
3.0 Release Candidate 1 May 16, 2006
* Core changes:
* An alternate, compact mail summary has been added
* A "Display seen messages" option has been added
* The status icon can now be displayed permanently
* The "Delay between mail checks" option is now
* The properties dialog has been reorganized
* The main window has been removed
* The status icon is now activated with a single click
* The GTK+ bugs
which caused occasional crashes have been worked
* If the MAIL environment variable is not defined or
invalid, the system mailbox is now looked up in
/var/spool/mail/username and /var/mail/username
(based on a patch from Benoît Rouits)
* Since ~/.gnome2/mail-notification/mailboxes.xml may
contain sensitive information, it is now saved with
permissions set to 0600 (useful for systems where
home directories have lax permissions)
* The "cannot enable immediate notification" error
dialog has been removed
* The --list-features command line option has been
removed (feature information is now displayed in the
output of the --version option)
* The message handling performance has been improved
* If there are no mailboxes on startup, the properties
dialog is now displayed
* The "Start Mail Notification on GNOME login" option
no longer worked with GNOME >= 2.14 and has been
removed: a .desktop file is now installed in the xdg
autostart directory instead
* Since support for non-system sound events has been
removed from GNOME 2.14, the
mail-notification.soundlist file is no longer
* The mail reader setting has been removed; the mail
reader configured in GNOME (Desktop -> Preferences
-> Preferred Applications) will now be used
* The tooltip width is now limited to the screen width
* When coupled with a patched GNOME Panel (as shipped
by FreeBSD and Debian, for instance), the status
icon now supports panel transparency (patch
forwarded by Bernat Tallaferro)
* mbox, Maildir, POP3, IMAP, Evolution and Sylpheed changes:
* Messages are now classified as unseen and seen; seen
messages can be ignored by unchecking the "Display
seen mail" option
* mbox changes:
* Compressed mailboxes (gzip and bzip2) are now
handled transparently, and support immediate
* POP3, IMAP and Gmail changes:
* A regression which allowed mail checks to overlap
has been fixed
* POP3 and IMAP changes:
* If the server advertises the STLS/STARTTLS
capability but replies ERR/BAD when the
STLS/STARTTLS command is issued, Mail Notification
now logs out instead of proceeding
* If multiple mailboxes have the same type, hostname,
port, connection type and username, Mail
Notification will now detect that the mailboxes
share the same account and will only prompt for the
password once per session (when the password is not
entered in the properties dialog, that is)
* POP3 changes:
* Non-UTF-8 server responses are now accepted
* IMAP changes:
* Non-ASCII server responses are now accepted (these
responses violate RFC 3501, but we follow the RFC
793 robustness principle "be liberal in what you
accept"); fixes connection problems with
internationalized Exchange servers, which violate
RFC 3501 by sending non-ASCII characters in their
greeting message
* Empty continuation responses are now allowed (fixes
authentication with some SASL mechanisms)
* Play nice with uncompliant servers by using
BODY.PEEK rather than BODY, so that they do not set
the \Seen flag (patch from Jacob Berkman)
* The IDLE mode is now cycled every 29 minutes, as
advised by RFC 2177
* Evolution changes:
* Support for the Evolution 2.4 and 2.6 branches has
been added; untested support for the Evolution
2.7/2.8 branch has been added; the Evolution source
tree is no longer needed for Evolution >= 2.4
* Sylpheed changes:
* With the help of a Sylpheed patch, Mail Notification
can now reliably avoid race conditions which could
occur when Sylpheed was running (see the
--enable-sylpheed-locking discussion in the INSTALL
* Updated translations:
* French
* New translations:
* Czech (Pav Lucistnik)
* Brazilian Portuguese (Claudio André)
* Dutch (Marcel J. Zwiebel)
* Japanese (Hiroshi Hasebe)
2.0 August 9, 2005
* Core changes:
* Evolution support has been added
* Mailboxes can now be assigned a custom name
* For greater flexibility, mailboxes configuration is
now stored in ~/.gnome2/mail-notification/mailboxes.xml
(previously, it was stored in the GConf database)
* The mailbox list widget has been redesigned
* The mailbox properties dialog has been redesigned
* Copying a mailbox to the clipboard does not make it
available to Nautilus anymore: that behaviour was
confusing and useless. However, pasting files copied
from Nautilus still works.
* If a mailbox requires authentication and the
necessary credentials are not provided in the
mailbox properties dialog, Mail Notification now
lets GNOME prompt the user for the credentials
* A test popup can now be displayed from the Mail
Summary Popup properties tab
* The --report command line option has been removed
* The Mail Notification item is now also listed in the
GNOME >= 2.10 Preferences menu
* The welcome dialog has been removed
* A few icons have been modified
* The third-party libegg code has been updated
* Now requires GTK+ version 2.6.0 or superior
* Minor fixes and cleanups
* mbox, MH, Maildir and Sylpheed changes:
* Immediate notification did not work properly with
fast kernel notifiers (kqueue, inotify, dnotify,
...): fixed
* Unseekable files are now supported
* Mailbox type changes are now detected and handled
(previously, Mail Notification had to be restarted
if a mailbox changed type)
* The location of the system mailbox is now resolved
at runtime rather than when the mailbox is added
(eases sharing the Mail Notification settings across
multiple computers)
* mbox changes:
* When immediate notification is not available, the
mailbox is now also checked when its size or ctime
changes (previously, it was only checked if its
mtime had changed)
* Sylpheed changes:
* Mail Notification now tries to avoid race conditions
which may occur while Sylpheed is being used
* Mark file errors are not ignored anymore
* A memory leak has been fixed
* POP3, IMAP and Gmail changes:
* The username can now also be left out, and will be
prompted when needed
* POP3 and IMAP changes:
* Non-UTF-8 characters are now escaped from
uncompliant server responses before being displayed
in the user interface
* If the system resolver is not reentrant,
getaddrinfo()/getnameinfo() calls are now serialized
* The Cyrus SASL library is now initialized only once,
since multiple sasl_client_init()/sasl_done()
invocations may cause problems (another benefit is
that it allows the SASL library to use the POP3
initial client response feature, which saves a
roundtrip during the SASL authentication exchange)
* When the authentication mechanism option is set to
"autodetect", Mail Notification will now try to
authenticate using each server-supported SASL
* Mail Notification was incorrectly disallowing empty
SASL server challenges, although they are legit:
* POP3 changes:
* The TOP optional command is now supported. This
solves some issues with POP3 servers (for instance, which incorrectly archive mails that
have been accessed using the RETR command.
* Initial SASL client responses are now handled
properly (passed as an argument to the AUTH command
rather than in the SASL authentication exchange)
* IMAP changes:
* If, while idling, the server abruptly drops the
connection, Mail Notification now reconnects rather
than considering it an error
* When idling, Mail Notification now only wakes up if
it receives a response indicating that the mailbox
might have changed
* By default, Mail Notification now avoids using the
IDLE extension if the remote server software is
known to have a broken IDLE implementation
* UTF-8 mailbox names are now converted to modified
UTF-7, as required by RFC 3501
* Gmail changes:
* Functionality has been restored after the Gmail web
site was modified; to prevent future disruptions and
simplify the source code, the Gmail Atom feed
( is now used
* Now works even if the Gmail account language is not
set to English
* libsoup and ICU are no longer required
* Updated translations:
* French
* Serbian (Filip Miletic)
* German (Hendrik Brandt, Jens Seidel)
1.1 March 6, 2005
* IMAP changes:
* is more tolerant towards uncompliant FETCH responses
* ignores case of responses (RFC 3501)
* makes sure the server responses are valid ASCII (RFC
* Gmail changes:
* properly converts timestamps (requires ICU)
* handles timestamps from previous years
* displays all the messages of a conversation
* POP3 and IMAP changes:
* does not loop infinitely when no password is
specified, an authentication mechanism is specified
and authentication fails
* does not abort when a SASL authentication mechanism
is specified and the server does not support any
SASL authentication mechanism
* POP3 and Gmail changes:
* makes sure the server responses are valid UTF-8
* The mail summary dialog has been replaced by a main window,
for controlling Mail Notification when the status icon is
* Added "update the mail status" double-click action
* The tooltip mailbox lists (Mailboxes Having New Mail,
Errors, Unsupported Mailboxes) are now sorted
* GMime is now mandatory for mbox, MH, Maildir, Sylpheed, POP3
and IMAP mailbox support
* The --quit command line argument has been added
* Minor fixes and cleanups
* Updated translations:
* Polish (Maurycy Pawłowski-Wieroński)
* Serbian (Filip Miletic)
* Portuguese (Duarte Henriques)
* German (Hendrik Brandt)
1.0 November 25, 2004
* Some minor IMAP issues have been fixed
* Some IMAP servers did not properly support the IDLE
extension, so it can now be disabled in the mailbox
* If the POP3 or IMAP password is left blank, it will now be
prompted only if needed
* When MIME support was disabled, the Sylpheed backend was not
considering unread messages as new: fixed
* Updated translations:
* Serbian (Filip Miletic)
* German (Hendrik Brandt)
* Portuguese (Duarte Henriques)
* New translations:
* Polish (Tomasz Sarota-Raczek)
0.99 November 15, 2004
* The IMAP capabilities sent in a PREAUTH, AUTHENTICATE or
LOGIN response were ignored, and a CAPABILITY command was
not re-issued after a successful authentication: fixed
* Added a "Display mail summary in tooltip" option
0.8.1 November 4, 2004
* Mail summary popup changes:
* do not recreate it when updating its contents:
removes some flicker
* added a workaround for a Metacity bug which
sometimes misplaced the popup
* the text fonts can now be configured from the
properties dialog
* Now compiles cleanly even when -fstrict-aliasing is in use
* Some additional workarounds for have been
added: fixes a few random crashes
* Some widgets have been named, so that they can easily be
matched in a GTK+ resource file
* The status icon could not be customized from a resource
file: fixed
* Updated translations:
* Serbian (Filip Miletic)
0.8.0 October 31, 2004
* The double-click action can now be customized
* A mail reader can now be launched
* IMAP IDLE support has been implemented
* The mail summary layout has been improved
* The mail summary is now also displayed in the tooltip
* The tooltip now supports keyboard activation
* A mail summary popup option allowing to only display recent
mail has been added
* A bug which caused SASL authentication to sometimes fail has
been fixed
* The Gmail parser was getting confused by special strings
embedded in message fields: fixed
0.7.1 October 25, 2004
* Gmail changes:
* does not crash when a GNOME proxy is set
* handles starred and labelled messages
* ignores non-inbox messages
* messages were considered unseen on each check and
the mail summary was always popped up: fixed
* The POP3/IMAP/Gmail password can now be left blank (in such
case, it will be prompted when needed and not be saved to
permanent storage)
* A command can now be executed when all mail has been read
* The user interface now displays the IMAP folder name (unless
it is inbox)
* The tooltip now displays message counts
* Minor fixes and cleanups
* Updated translations:
* Serbian (Filip Miletic)
* German (Hendrik Brandt)
* Portuguese (Duarte Henriques)
0.7.0 October 6, 2004
* Binaries compiled with GCC 3.4.x were crashing in various
places: fixed
* Fixed a vulnerability in the IMAP code (a malicious IMAP
server could trigger a null pointer dereference by sending
an invalid reply)
* Fixed a vulnerability in the Gmail code (a man in the middle
attack could, with some libsoup configurations, trigger a
null pointer indirection)
* The properties dialog has been split into tabs
* A mail summary has been added (requires GMime version 2.0 or
* Double-clicking on the icon now displays the mail summary
(the double-clicked command has been removed)
* The "new mail" command is now executed every time a mailbox
receives one or more new messages
* Tracks the latest Gmail change (reported by Vincent Noel)
* Gmail support now requires libsoup version 2.2 or superior
(which is part of GNOME 2.8)
* The manual is now installed in the proper location (Pascal
Giard, Christian Krause)
* The --with-gconf-schema-file-dir configure argument was
ignored: fixed (Julio M. Merino Vidal)
* A few minor issues have been fixed
* Some cleanups have been performed
* The German translations have been updated (Hendrik Brandt)
* Added Serbian translations (Filip Miletic)
* Added Bulgarian translations (Vladimir Petkov)
0.6.2 September 9, 2004
* Added STARTTLS support to the IMAP backend
* Added STLS support to the POP3 backend
* Now prompts the user before connecting to untrusted SSL/TLS
* Added a "Start Mail Notification on GNOME login" option
* Added a "Blink on errors" option
* Commands are now executed in the user's shell
* The Gmail log is now dumped when --enable-info is in use
* Added a --unset-obsolete-configuration command line argument
* An obsolete mailbox list is now handled without being
rewritten (a step towards full forward compatibility of
GConf keys)
* "SSL" is now called "SSL/TLS", as we provide SSLv2, SSLv3
and TLSv1 support
* Fixed a typo in the MD5 code which prevented builds on some
platforms (reported by Andy Shaw)
* Automatic mailboxes were also polled: fixed
* Added German translations (Hendrik Brandt)
* Added Portuguese translations (Duarte Henriques)
* A few minor issues have been fixed
* Some cleanups have been performed
* Now requires GNOME version 2.6 or superior
0.6.1 August 19, 2004
* File descriptor leaks in the Sylpheed and Maildir backends
have been fixed
* It was not possible to use some special characters (such as
'@') in usernames, passwords etc (reported by Ronny
Schoebel): now escapes URIs
* Now properly quotes arguments to the IMAP LOGIN and STATUS
* Gmail support didn't work in all situations: fixed (thanks
to Phil Nelson for his help)
* A first startup dialog has been added
* A memory leak has been fixed
* A few minor issues have been fixed
0.6.0 August 16, 2004
* Added IMAP support
* Added SSL support for POP3 and IMAP (requires OpenSSL)
* Added SASL authentication support for POP3 and IMAP
(requires Cyrus SASL 2)
* Added APOP authentication support
* Gmail support has been fixed
* If there is no new mail, the icon is now hidden
* Now complies with the HIG 2.0
* Now installs a GNOME sound event
* The user interface has been improved
* The mail icon is now taken from the icon theme
* The command line arguments have been modified
* The POP3 handler now honours the LOGIN-DELAY capability
* Objects are now generated with GOB
* Some cleanups have been performed
* A few minor bugs have been fixed
* Does not depend on GNet anymore
0.5.0 July 21, 2004
* Added Gmail support (requires libsoup)
* The user interface has been improved
* Now supports IPv6 POP3 servers even if given as an IPv6
address rather than as a hostname
* Now uses intltool
* The manual has been improved
* Added Russian translations for the .desktop file (submitted
by Dan Korostelev)
* The output of ./configure has been cleaned up
* ChangeLog files were not being accurately maintained and are
not shipped anymore
0.4.0 June 29, 2004
* Fixed a vulnerability in the POP3 code (a malicious POP3
server could overflow the stack with an invalid STAT reply)
* Now uses automatic notification if available (requires FAM)
* Now uses GnomeVFS for all I/O operations
* Now supports drag and drop
* The user interface has been improved
* mbox detection is now stricter
* Now handles non-Unicode filenames
* Tries harder to hide POP3 passwords from the interface
* A few minor bugs have been fixed
* A few memory leaks have been fixed
* Some code cleanups have been performed
* Switched to Autoconf 2.59 and Automake 1.8.4
* Now requires GTK+ version 2.4.0 or superior
0.3.4 March 19, 2004
* Some minor UI tweaks have been performed
* A minor bug has been fixed
0.3.3 March 12, 2004
* A bug in the mbox checking code has been fixed (reported by
Pau Artigas)
* A few minor bugs have been fixed
* A few memory leaks have been fixed
0.3.2 December 24, 2003
* A bug in the Sylpheed checking code has been fixed
* Restarting notification-area-applet is now handled properly
* libglade is now used instead of code generation
* Some code cleanups have been performed
0.3.1 October 20, 2003
* A few minor bugs have been fixed
0.3.0 October 2, 2003
* Major code cleanup
* Implemented Sylpheed and POP3 support
* The file selection dialog now remembers its last path
* Speed optimizations
* In order to maintain UI responsiveness during mail checks,
the application is now multi-threaded
* Error messages are now displayed in a dialog box if the
check has been launched interactively
0.2.0 September 24, 2003
* Implemented mbox and MH support
* Added exhaustive error reporting
* Enriched the documentation
0.1.0 September 18, 2003
* Is now a GNOME application
* Added a graphical user interface (preferences dialog and
popup menu)
* Internationalization has been performed, and a French
translation is already available
* Switched to Autoconf 2.57 and Automake 1.7.5
0.0.1 July 20, 2003
* Initial release
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