EPiServer Commerce MVC Reference Architecture



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This repository is the starter site for the EPiServer Commerce reference implementation, aka "Quicksilver".


More features will be added over time. The following is a list of features to be added in the future:

  • In-store pickup.
  • Multi-payment support.


  1. Configure Visual Studio to add this package source: http://nuget.episerver.com/feed/packages.svc/. This allows missing packages to be downloaded, when the solution is built.
  2. Open solution and build to download nuget package dependencies.
  3. Search the solution for "ChangeThis" and review/update as described.
  4. Run Setup\SetupDatabases.cmd to create the databases *. In the unlucky event of errors please check the logs.
  5. Start the site (Debug-Start from Visual studio) and browse to http://localhost:50244 to finish installation. Login with admin@example.com/store.

*By default SetupDatabases.cmd use the default SQL Server instance. Change this line set sql=sqlcmd -S . -E by replacing . with the instance name to use different instance.

Note: SQL scripts are executed using Windows authentication so make sure your user has sufficient permissions.


The styling of the site is done in less. In order to be able to recompile the less files to css you will need to install nodejs. If you have nodejs the less files will be recompiled into css on every build. From the command line you can also execute the following command in folder "Sources\EPiServer.Reference.Commerce.Site":

msbuild -t:BuildLessFiles

Compiling the razor views

If you want to build the views to validate their correctness you can set the MvcBuildViews parameter to true.

msbuild -p:MvcBuildViews=true

SQL Server authentication

If you don't have mixed mode authentication enabled you can edit this line in SetupDatabases.cmd and provide username and password.

set sql=sqlcmd -S . -U username -P password