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This repository demonstrates the use of Episerver Social in an e-commerce scenario. It contains a clone of the Episerver starter site Quicksilver that has been modified to use Episerver Social to add product reviews.

A full walkthrough of this implementation can be found on the Episerver Social blog:

What's Inside?

  • Product Reviews
    • Product reviews have been added to product pages appearing within the site, allowing visitors to rate and comment on products. It demonstrates a combination of Episerver Social's Comments and Ratings features as well as the platform's composition and modeling capabilities.

Episerver Social Configuration

  1. In Visual Studio, open the web.config file found in the root of the EPiServer.Reference.Commerce.Site project.
  2. Update this file with your Episerver Social configuration, as described in the Getting Connected section of the developer guide.

QuickSilver Setup

For information regarding the architecture, implementation, and installation of QuickSilver, please see the readme maintained in episerver/QuickSilver.