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NOTE: The COVID-19 Tracker bot will continue to run, but no new features will be added.

COVID-19 Tracker

Discord Bots

A Discord bot created to track the coronavirus outbreak. Made with epispot. Get live case data, hospitalization predictions, and other insights about how COVID-19 may spread in your area. Available on Top GG.


  • Step 1: Invite the bot with this link
  • Step 2: Find commands with info help
  • Step 3: Go and get data with info cases
  • Step 4: You're all set! 🎉

Contributing? ❤️

Active projects:

  • More detailed statistics
  • Graphs
  • and more ... (see the Projects tab)


  • @epispot for predictive analysis
    • @quantum9innovation
    • @quantalabs
  • TopGG for making the bot publicly available on Discord
  • Heroku for 24/7 deployment of the bot
  • Discord (for existing?)
  • Everyone who has actively contributed to this project, including
    • @quantum9innovation
    • @quantalabs
  • All the stargazers, including:
    Stargazers repo roster for @epispot/covid19-tracker

< Made with code and ❤️ >