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Developer Program Member


SHIBATA Hiroshi hsbt
Ruby/RubyGems core team

@ruby @rubygems @bundler @pepabo Tokyo, Japan

Juanito Fatas JuanitoFatas
What I'm doing now:

@Shopify Tokyo, Japan

Brandon Weaver baweaver
Ruby and Javascript at Square

Square San Francisco, CA

namusyaka namusyaka
architect, hacker, rubyist, gopher, gambler. working on: @sinatra, @padrino, @ruby-grape and @golang

@google Japan

Phil Nash philnash
Developer evangelist for @twilio. I write mostly JavaScript, Ruby and Swift. Probably listening to ska punk right now. console.log("🍻");

@twilio Melbourne

Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto matz

Ruby Association,NaCl,Heroku,Etc. Matsue, Japan

Richard Schneeman schneems
2016 Ruby Hero. Top 50 Rails contributors. Former Adjunct professor at UT. Married to Ruby, literally.

@heroku Austin, Tx

Hacker | I don't respectfully, I disagree.

Zimperium Italy

Jeremy Evans jeremyevans
Lead developer of Sequel, Roda, and Rodauth. OpenBSD ruby ports maintainer.


Junio C Hamano gitster

Google Mountain View, CA

Piotr Murach piotrmurach
Tender loving command line.

Sheffield, UK

Alessandro Lepore alepore
Tell us a little bit about yourself


Janko Marohnić janko-m
Ruby off Rails developer and Open Source enthusiast

Citrusbyte Brno, Czech Republic

isis agora lovecruft isislovecruft
i adore my sixty four

San Francisco

Nikita Voloboev nikitavoloboev
Making @learn-anything & @DeedMob. Like automation and sharing things. Vegan minimalist. 🌱

@learn-anything @deedmob Amsterdam

Eileen M. Uchitelle eileencodes
App Systems Team @github & @rails Core Team

@github New York

Cẩm Huỳnh qcam
I like to code and talk about dumplings.


Samuel Williams ioquatix
"A candle loses nothing by lighting another"

Orion Transfer Ltd Christchurch, New Zealand

Zach Denton zacharydenton
Frontend engineer at Stripe. Previously at Google and Scribd.

Stripe San Francisco, CA

Bogdan bogdanvlviv
#rails contributor. #ruby programmer.

Lviv, Ukraine

Aaron Lasseigne AaronLasseigne
Freelance coder. Co-organizer of the Dallas Ruby Brigade. Author of Mastering Ruby: Strings and Encodings. C‽O of Never Done and creator of checkt.
Sindre Sorhus sindresorhus
Maker · Full-Time Open-Sourcerer · Into Swift and Node.js

@avajs @xojs @chalk ° ☾ ☆ ¸. ¸ ★ :.  . • ○ ° ★

Salvatore Sanfilippo antirez
Computer programmer based in Sicily, Italy. I mostly write OSS software. 41 years old. Not a puritan.

Redis Labs Campobello di Licata, Sicily, Italy

Nick Sweeting pirate
Python ⑊ JS ⑊ Mac ⑊ security ⑊ mesh networking ⑊ bicycles I don't support piracy it's just a cool username...

@Monadical-SAS New York City

Daniil Gentili danog
Developer (PHP/C#/Bash/Java), web designer. I believe in alternate dimensions :)

@pwrtelegram Rovigo, Italia

Luca Guidi jodosha
Indie OSS developer, author of @hanami and @redis-store.

DNSimple Rome, Italy

Bozhidar Batsov bbatsov
Hacker. Emacs fanatic. VP of Engineering @toptal. I'm not the best, but I'm pretty good.

Toptal (@toptal) Sofia, Bulgaria

Armin Ronacher mitsuhiko
Software developer and Open Source nut. Creator of the Flask framework. Contributing to @getsentry and running @pallets and @lektor


Joe Rafaniello jrafanie
I ❤️ , 🙇, and 👏 for ␡🔥✂️.

Red Hat @ManageIQ New Jersey

Max Hoffmann tsov
Senior Developer @Shopify

@Shopify Ottawa, Canada

Charlie Somerville charliesome

GitHub Melbourne, Australia

Aaron Patterson tenderlove

GitHub Seattle

Sandi Metz skmetz

TorqueForge, LLC Durham, NC, US

Terence Lee hone
Blue Hat League

Heroku Austin, TX

Aman Gupta tmm1

GitHub, Inc. San Francisco, CA

Avdi Grimm avdi

ShipRise Pennsylvania, USA

James Edward Gray II JEG2

Gray Productions Software Inc. Edmond, OK, USA

byt3bl33d3r byt3bl33d3r

Error: Unable to resolve

Dylan Ayrey dxa4481
Full stack hacker


Samy Kamkar samyk
explo(r|it)ing boundaries

los angeles

Danilo Poccia danilop
Principal Evangelist, Serverless @aws. Author of AWS Lambda in Action from Manning. Passioned about IT, IoT, AI, ML & other acronyms. Opinions my own.

Amazon Web Services London, UK