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2018-07-25 v0.9.1.0

  • IMPORTANT BUGFIX for EDGE_COLOR_TAG, the length computations in the CSV export were erroneously set to measure the perimeter of the edge BUFFER. This version corrects this behavior and measures only the length of the edge GEOMETRY (i.e. the BUFFER size is not added!). To reproduce the previous measurement, use a selection mode other than 0 and export. (see commit 3777e4b for more detail)
  • Fixed broken CellSurface plugin due upstream update of ROI3DPolygonalMesh method
  • New Overlay: CELL_CLONE, interactively detect cell clones based on a secondary channel (see CellClone wiki page for usage)
  • New Overlay: CELL_INTENSITY to compute the junction intensity for each cell
  • Added RingMode to EDGE_INTENSITY for measuring the intensity of the edge union intersected with the cell area
  • Added improved formatting for CELL_COLOR_TAG when intensity is exported
  • [DEV] change of signature for the stGraphOverlay class.specifyLegend. To avoid conflict with Double type the method signature was changed to expect Line2D
  • [DEV] added shape buffering to Cell class
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2016-07-22 v0.9.0

  • Fixed uncontrolled plugin shape due to new features in the EzPlug library
  • Updated descriptions for some plugins


  • to update: simply replace the cellGraph_v#.#.#.jar in the plugin folder davhelle
  • to install: download the cellGraph.zip file and follow the instructions in the README file
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