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Unable to get syntax highlighting to show up #13

cmartininfosol opened this Issue Nov 2, 2011 · 10 comments


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Looking forward to using your redmine plugin, but I think i'm missing a key bit of knowledge to get this going. I've installed oniguruma and ultraviolet gems. I've downloaded the code folder and placed it in the vendor/plugins folder. Restarted the service, and things are up and going. I noted the new field in my profile to choose the default theme for highlighting.

Now the thing is, when i open a ticket that has used code syntax highlighting in the past, the highlighting is not applied. It's still using the default coderay highlighting. In the body of the redmine ticket the xml code is wrapped with these tags

<pre><code class="xml"></code><pre>

I've even tried to create a new ticket and preview the posting. The highlighting is still using the old coderay.

Thanks in advance for your time

If this helps, i'm on Redmine 1.2.0


epitron commented Nov 5, 2011

Oh, this plugin only deals with highlighting files in the repo.

There is a fork of this plugin by Erik which applies ultraviolet to the wiki -- maybe that works on the tickets too?

Check it: https://github.com/erikkallen/redmine_ultraviolet

Ahh, then yep. It's working just fine for files in the repo. Thanks for the reply. I'll take a look at the other fork :)

Well, that doesn't seem to behave. Even started to setup a wiki to see if it only worked there. Now code syntax highlighting in both the wiki and in issue tickets dont work. Not sure why, not familiar with ruby. Thanks again tho for pointing me in the right direction.


epitron commented Nov 8, 2011

The fork doesn't even do the wiki? Maybe you should file a bug with Erik? :)

I wanted to, but the Issues tab is not on his fork. Possibly disabled? I'm not too sure, not terribly familiar with the site.

neilfws commented Mar 29, 2012

Erik's fork does not include the fix in app /views/common/_file.rhtml required for Redmine 1.3. Once this edit is made, UV highlighting works in repository view but not wiki view. It's unfortunate that Erik's fork has little documentation or ways to contact him for more details.


epitron commented Mar 31, 2012


Perhaps I should make erik's fork a branch of my repo, and apply the 1.3 fix.

neilfws commented Mar 31, 2012

In fact I was mistaken on all counts! UV does work on wiki view in Erik's fork and he replied promptly to questions over at his fork. Only remaining issue is the 1.3 fix.


epitron commented Mar 31, 2012


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