R package to manage and visualize metagenomic datasets with metaviz
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The metavizr package implements two-way communication between the R/Bioconductor environment and the metaviz web app for interactive visualization of microbiome sequencing results. The hierarchy of features from a microbiome sequencing result can be visualized with a navigation utility and count values are displayed dynamically updated heatmaps or stacked bar plots. Metavizr uses Websockets for communication between the browser Javascript client and the R environment.

Installation and requirements

metaivizr is available from github. To install metavizr:

install_github("epiviz/metavizr", build_vignettes = TRUE)

Try it out

The easiest way to try metavizr is to follow the package vignette:



You can get a quick tour of metaviz here: https://epiviz.github.io/tutorials/metaviz/overview/


Metavizr supports a non-blocking workflow on both UNIX-like and Windows systems where data is served to the webapp without blocking the R/bioc interactive session. Make sure you are using the latest version of the httpuv package to use this. (Thanks to theRstudio folks for folding our daemonizing code into the main httpuv release).

More info

Check out the Metaviz http://metaviz.org for more details and documentation.