CLI city bike rack status checker for Oslo, Norway
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Bash script for checking current status of Oslo Bysykkel racks via the command line. 
The script also features simple HTML output. 

Tip: Find the ID of your rack using the 'all' keyword, then grep for the rack in question.

Query Oslo Bysykkel racks for current status - any available bikes for me plz?
Defaults to printing rack id and available bikes.
Usage: ./ [-a|-c <config file>|-f <favourites>|-h|-l|-r <rack id>]
    -a      Print all info from rack
    -c      Define config file to read from (defaults to ~/.bysykkelrc)
    -f      Define favourites (ids) and write config file. Combine with -c to specify output path.
    -h      I'm helpful.
    -l      Query for and return available rack id's, then exit (not very useful).
    -r      Rack ID to query for - this can also be set in the favourites file. Use keyword "all" to list all racks.

    ./ -a -r 75
    ./ -r "75 77 37"
    ./ -r all
    ./ -f 75
    ./ -f "75 24"