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Snapshot based backup script for Xenserver.
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== XenServer/XCP Backup ==

XenServer / XCP Backup script utilizing snapshots (via exports).

Back up Xenserver instances using snapshots. Specify which instances to back up 
with -a for all, -u for uuids or by passing VM names directly.
Usage: ./ [-a|-b <backup dir>|-c [true|false]|-C <config file>|-d|-e "<exception list>"|-h|-m "<mount command>"|-u "<uuid> [...<uuid>]"|-w] [<vm-name> [...<vm-name>]]
    -a      Backup all VMs.
    -b      Specify output directory
    -c      Export compressed backups. Set to either true or false. Defaults to true.
    -C      Specify config file. Defaults to /etc/xenserver-backup.cfg
    -d      Dry run.
    -e      Space separated list of VMs that should not be backed up.
    -l      Enable/disable logging with 'true' or 'false'.
    -m      Mount command to run previous to running the backup.
    -u      Specify VMs to back up via uuid.
    -w      Write parameters -a.-b,-c,-e,-m as specified on the command line to 
            default config file path and exit. 

    ./ <vm-name>
    ./ -b /srv/backup/ <vm-name> <vm-name>
    ./ -b /mnt/backup/ -a -d
    ./ -a -b /mnt/backup -e "<vm-name> <vm-name>"
    ./ -a -b /mnt/backup -e "<vm-name> <vm-name>" -m 'mount -t nfs <ip>:/share /mnt/backup'
    ./ -a -b /mnt/backup -e "<vm-name> <vm-name>" -m 'mount -t nfs <ip>:/share /mnt/backup' -w

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