A stylesheet for larger flair on r/cfb
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10/13 Update It looks like r/cfb slightly changed the way they've structured their CSS. I just pushed up a new version that should fix the issues people have been seeing. It also has the benefit of being about 44% the size of the previous version and should be significantly speedier!

A stylesheet for larger flair on r/cfb

Installation for Firefox

  1. Save the userContent.css file to the chrome folder in your Firefox profile directory. Click here to find where the Firefox profile is for your OS.
  2. Close Firefox. Reopen Firefox. You should see the new flair.

Installation for Chrome

I haven't actually tested these, but they seem like they should work.

  1. Right click your Chrome shortcut and click Properties.
  2. Change the Target field to end with --enable-user-stylesheet.
  3. Open Chrome.
  4. Use these instructions to locate the profile folder for your OS. DON'T DELETE IT, JUST GO TO WHERE IT IS.
  5. Now, in that profile folder, there should be another folder called User StyleSheet. Open that folder.
  6. Copy the contents of userContent.css.
  7. Open up Custom.css using Notepad or the text editor of your choice.
  8. Paste the text you copied from userContent.css and save.
  9. Close Chrome.
  10. Open Chrome. You should now see the new flair.

Installation for Other Browsers

Click here or here, then try again.