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The VESPA-App is a web-mobile responsive interface to improve the users experience on exploring planetary data. It is meant to be an extension, simplified version of the main VESPA query portal at ''.

While the VESPA portal provides specific options to query VO planetary services (aka EPN-TAP), the VESPA-App provides a higher level, less technical interface to explore the data in those services by offering the data products (images, footprints, spectra) at first hand, and then linking the user to the services through the VESPA portal.

In other words, the purpose of the VESPA-App is to make VESPA data search more accessible. And any suggestion to help us achieve this goal is much welcome and may be done through the App GitHub issues. Main goals are:


Developers interested in contribute to the App may find the docs useful for a detailed description of the App's structure, development status and data workflow.

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Mainly built with: