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Keywords exclusiveFormatMaximum / exclusiveFormatMinimum are renamed to formatExclusiveMaximum / formatExclusiveMinimum to match v5 proposal (#150, @lyngaas).
With option useDefaults: true insert defaults as object literal (deep-clone). Previous behaviour (to insert reference) is available with option useDefaults: "shared" (#136, @imbstack).
Method addMetaSchema accepts array of schemas.
Default meta-schema that will be used if $schema is not specified can be passed in option meta (#90).
Additional error parameters to support v5 keywords messages in ajv-i18n.
Keyword dependencies in mode allErrors: true returns an error for each missing property in property-dependencies (previously only for the first missing property) (#73).
TypeScript type definitions (@blakeembrey, @enriched)
Property async: true of asynchronous validation function is renamed to $async for compatibility with Meteor