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Pittsburgh Parking Optimization Android App (Currently In Development)
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Pittsburgh Parking Optimization Android App (Currently In Development)

Title for app is a work in progress. Feel free to send suggestions.

How does this work?

How parking in Pittsburgh works

  • In the City of Pittsburgh, we no longer have parking meters.
  • Instead, we use these small kiosks that are on every block.

Kiosk Image

  • When you park, you enter your licence plate and pay for some parking time at the kiosk.
  • The parking attendents then can check your licence plate against the list of licence plates in the system that have paid.
  • What's nice about this is that you can pay and move your car with out having to worry about getting a ticket at your new spot or overpaying at your old spot. Important: you can only park within about a mile of the kiosk where you paid
  • Now with Go Mobile PGH, you can pay on your phone with just the kiosk number.
  • Unfortunately, kiosks near more desireable locations cost more.
  • Theoretically, you could pay in a cheap section and park in a more expensive section as long as it is less than a mile away.

How park-opt saves you money

  • park-opt allows you to pay at the lowest costing kiosk, by giving you the kiosk number for the lowest costing kiosk that is within range.
  • park-opt uses your phone's location to find the kiosk with the lowest rate less than a mile away.
  • park-opt lets you input what time you are going to leave.
  • park-opt pays as you park, so you can leave at anytime and not wory about having paid for the next few hours.
  • park-opt changes which kiosk you pay at based on which is cheapest and available at the time.

How park-opt lets you park for longer

  • park-opt changes which kiosk you pay at so that you never exceed the time limits for each kiosk.

How to Use park-opt

Using park-opt is quite simple

Simply open the app and hit Park Now, then enter the meter number displayed into the Go Mobile PGH app

UI Image

Why Pittsburgh?

  • Pittsburgh has the parking system that allows for the creation of an app like this.
  • No other city (to my knowledge) has a system like this.
  • (Also I live in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, which makes it easier to test 😆)
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