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Updates to readme.

I received a notice from the "advanced department of redundancy
department" that an issues section duplicates the button at the top,
contains no useful information, makes people feel bad, and duplicates
the button at the top.  If only i could do an extra commit with the same
changes just to prove compliance.
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@@ -23,11 +23,6 @@ This project follows the [SemVer]( standard. The API may chan
The goal of PSTreeGraph is to build a high-quality UI control designed specifically for the iPad. The inspiration / structure comes from WWDC 2010 Session 141, “Crafting Custom Cocoa Views”, an extremely valuable and informative presentation that has proven to be applicable (see this project) to other platforms.
-# Known Issues
-See [Issues](
# Known Improvements
See [Milestones](

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