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# PSTreeGraph
PSTreeGraph is a treegraph view control implementation for Cocoa Touch.
@@ -51,10 +50,30 @@ There are many places where PSTreeGraph could be improved:
You can generate documentation with [doxygen]( The example project includes a documentation build target to do this within Xcode. For more details, see the [Documentation]( page in this projects wiki.
+## Contribute
+If you'd like to contribute to PSTreeGraph, start by forking this repository on GitHub:
+The best way to get your changes merged back into core is as follows:
+1. Clone down your fork
+2. Create a thoughtfully named topic branch to contain your change
+3. Hack away
+4. Add tests and make sure everything still passes
+5. If you are adding new functionality, document it in the README
+6. Do not change the version number, I will do that on my end
+7. If necessary, rebase your commits into logical chunks, without errors
+8. Push the branch up to GitHub
+9. Send a pull request to the epreston/PSTreeGraph project.
+Or better still, [donate] ( via the [project website] (
# Copyright and License
-Copyright 2010 Preston Software.
+Copyright 2012 Preston Software.
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this work except in compliance with the License.

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