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Building a foundation for performance

In her “Building a foundation for performance” presentation at 2018, Michelle Vu tells a story of how the web performance team at Pinterest started off and made performance a priority for the company.

  • Pinterest created a dedicated performance team in 2017.
  • Ownership over performance involves looking after metrics quality, tooling (analytics, monitoring), regression investigations, analysis, support.
  • Tie performance metrics to business metrics. Explain what 200ms page load regression means for the business.
  • Start with building trust by validating performance metrics, implementing confidence tests, creating graphs reflecting real user experience and catching regressions.
  • In case of an incident, identify an owner, set a severity level, follow the runbook and do a post mortem.
  • Set a company-wide goal to improve key performance metrics.
  • Write documentation on key metrics, past optimizations, ideas for future improvements, regression investigation runbook.
  • Consult other teams and conduct trainings.