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An open source game engine is written in C++ with a flexible architecture
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Thunder Engine

Thunder Engine is free for all purposes an open-source multi-functional lightweight game engine for creating 2D and 3D games. It provides a wide range of frameworks and tools. So developers can focus on the creation, and the Thunder Engine will do the routine.

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The main ideology of project is to create the modular engine to give developers an ability to exclude modules which they are not using in their project to keep their projects lightweight. API of Thunder Engine is also allowing to create own modules to use them in your games.

Screenshot of Thunder Engine


  • Cross-platform
  • Rendering System Based on Physical Principles
  • Scripts supported by AngelScipt engine
  • Module based architecture

Please find a complete list of features.

Have a question or an idea?

I'm always open to new ideas and you can always ask a question regarding Thunder Engine.

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Or you can create a ticket


Would like to help to project? Please read this.

Getting the Engine

Compiling from source

  • Make sure the Qt (>= 5.10) SDK installed.
  • Make sure the QtCreator (>= 4.5.1) installed.
  • Make sure modern C++ compiler installed:
    • In Windows: Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or higher
    • In MacOS X: Latest Xcode
  • To build project with QtCreator open Thunder.qbs and Build project

For more options please follow a build instruction

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