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# These configuration variables are mostly unused and should be deprecated.
my $uri = URI->new( "http://" );
if( EPrints::Utils::is_set( $c->{securehost} ) )
$uri->scheme( "https" );
$uri->host( $c->{securehost} );
$uri->port( $c->{secureport} );
$uri = $uri->canonical;
$uri->path( $c->{https_root} );
$uri->scheme( "http" );
$uri->host( $c->{host} );
$uri->port( $c->{port} );
$uri = $uri->canonical;
$uri->path( $c->{http_root} );
# EPrints base URL without trailing slash
$c->{base_url} = "$uri";
# CGI base URL without trailing slash
$c->{perl_url} = "$uri/cgi";
# If you don't want EPrints to respond to a specific URL add it to the
# exceptions here. Each exception is matched against the uri using regexp:
# e.g. /myspecial/cgi
# Will match http://yourrepo/myspecial/cgi
#$c->{rewrite_exceptions} = [];
#if turned on, the abstract page url will be: This format helps google scholar to index eprints repository.
#if turned off:
$c->{use_long_url_format} = 0;