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IDs IDs IDs allows a publication record to store multiple IDs.

By default, EPrints only allows one ID to be entered per publication under the id_number field. Other types of ID fields such as issn and isbn have been included within EPrints core but often further bespoke ID fields need to be added for things like PubMed ID, PMCID, etc. if the id_number field is already being used for DOIs.

This plugin provides a replacement for the default EPrints id_number (labelled Identification number) field, which allows the entry of any combination of the following:

  • DOI
  • ISBN
  • ISSN
  • PubMed ID

This plugin will backfill the old ID fields (id_number, isbn and issn) where IDs of the right type are set. Where multiple IDs of the right types are set, a priority list (as defined in cfg/cfg.d/ is used to determine which value to use. If multiple IDs have the same type, the first ID of the highest priority type will be used.

This plugin will autopopulate the ids field with IDs from the old ID fields when an item is recommitted (see Migrate existing records) but only prior to IDs being added to the ids field.

This plugin provides validators for each of its ID types to check that the IDs entered meet certain format requirements. There is also a validator that can be enabled to ensure that only one ID of any type can be specified.

This plugin provides renderers for each of its ID types using third-party lookup services to provide additional information about the IDs. It also provides a renderer for the whole ids field, so it can be rendered as a list (ul HTML element).

Installing as an Ingredient

EPrints 3.4+ supports ingredients. To install IDs IDs IDs as an ingredient:

  1. Copy the idsidsids directory inside the ingredients (e.g. /opt/eprints3/ingredients/) directory.
  2. Run the (e.g. ./ This will make the appropriate symbolic links so IDs IDs IDs will work as an ingredient.
  3. Edit flavours/FLAVOUR_NAME/inc and add "ingredients/idsidsids" on its own line at the end of the file.
  4. Check EPrints configuration and reload the webserver (e.g. /opt/eprints3/epadmin test && apachectl graceful).


After installation the following steps are required:

Add new field to workflow

Edit workflow file (usually archives/repoid/cfg/workflows/eprint/default.xml) and:

  1. replace all occurences of id_number with ids (be sure to retain the required setting if set).
  2. remove all occurences of isbn and issn.
  <stage name="core">


    <component><field ref="divisions"/></component>

    <component show_help="always"><field ref="dates" required="yes"/></component>

    <component type="Field::Multi">
      <title>Publication Details</title>

* to comment out all occcurances of id_number, isbn, issn, etc.

.,$s/\(<field ref="id_number"\/>\n\s*<field ref="isbn"\/>\)/<!-- \1 -->/gc

Migrate existing records

To migrate all existing records to use the new ID field, run the following command:

bin/epadmin recommit <repoid> eprint --verbose


[UNDER DEVELOPMENT] Bazaar plugin / 3.4 ingredient for storing multiple IDs of different types.







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