Support for managing open access metadata and reporting
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Support for managing open access metadata and reporting

OpenAccess Plugin for EPrints

The OpenAccess plugin for EPrints allows you to:

  • Capture additional open access metadata in your repository

  • Produce open access exports and reports

Information for Repository Administrators

The plugin is available for installation via the EPM file on this page and will also be available from the EPrints Bazaar.

Information for Repository Developers

This plugin should provide a basic framework for recording open access metadata and for producing comma-separated (.csv) export.

The example reports provided are based on the Charities Open Access Fund (COAF) reporting template.

The plugin will: add additional fields to the eprints database; generate a new admin only workflow stage; generate new phrases; and provide example reports that can be customised to local needs.

The plugin’s reporting requires the EPrints Generic Reporting Framework Plugin to be installed and enabled:

The plugin is intended as a work in progress and additional customisation and development by the community is encouraged.