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ORCID Support Advance plugin
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ORCID Support Advance Plugin

The ORCID Support Advance Plugin builds upon the functionality of the ORCID Support Plugin. It allows to import to the user's work area and export to their profile. To use the plugin in your EPrints repository you need to have access to the ORCID Member API.

The documentation is hosted in the EPrints Wiki:

The ORCID Support Advance Plugin is also available on the EPrints Bazaar.

Work Packages

Following feedback from the community, a number of new features and developments have been identified for the ORCID Support Advance plugin. These have been sorted into a number of work packages listed as issues in this GitHub repository.

If anyone would like to claim a work package, or alternatively provide funding for the development of a work package, then please feel free to get in touch!

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