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Instrumentation library for Node.js 6.10, 8.10 and 10.x ⚡️
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Epsagon Instrumentation for Node.js

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This package provides an instrumentation to Node.js code running on functions for collection of distributed tracing and performance monitoring.


From your project directory:

npm install --save epsagon

Getting started

Simply use the wrapper to send traces from your code:

const epsagon = require('epsagon');
    token: 'my-secret-token',
    appName: 'my-app-name',
    metadataOnly: false, // Optional, send more trace data

function handler(event, context, callback) {
    callback(null, 'It worked!')

handler = epsagon.lambdaWrapper(handler)

Custom labels

You can add custom labels to your traces. Filters can later be used for filtering traces that contains specific labels:

function handler(event, context, callback) {
    epsagon.label('myCustomLabel', 'labelValue');
    callback(null, 'It worked!')

Custom errors

You can set a trace as an error (although handled correctly) by catching an error:

function handler(event, context, callback) {
    try {
        // something bad happens
    } catch (err) {

    callback(null, 'It worked!')

Or manually specify Error object:

function handler(event, context, callback) {
    epsagon.setError(Error('My custom error'));
    callback(null, 'It worked!')

Web frameworks

Support for Express, Hapi, and other frameworks is done through epsagon-frameworks


Provided under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

Copyright 2019, Epsagon

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