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Epsagon Serverless Framework Plugin

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Epsagon's plugin for the Serverless Framework.


Install Epsagon's Library

For Node.js functions:

npm install --save epsagon

For Python functions:

pip install epsagon

Install The Plugin

Using the Serverless Framework:

sls plugin install --name serverless-plugin-epsagon

Or using NPM:

npm install --save-dev serverless-plugin-epsagon

When installing with NPM, add the plugin to your serverless.yml file:

  - serverless-plugin-epsagon

For the best results, make sure this is the first plugin specified in your plugins list.

Configure The Plugin

To get started with the plugin, all you have to do is configure your serverless.yml with Epsagon's token, and an optional application name:

    token: your-token-here
    appName: optional-application-name

And you are good to go! The plugin will be activated during sls deploy, sls package and sls invoke local events automatically.

Additional Commands

  • sls epsagon clean will clean up remaining Epsagon files in case some were left after deployment (when you break in the middle of a deployment for example)


Service Level Options

These options are defined at the service level, under the custom.epsagon member of your serverless.yml file. Any function level option will override options defined here. Available options:

  • token - Epsagon's token to use, get your token from the dashboard.
  • appName - Optional application name to use.
  • disable - When set to true, disables Epsagon for the entire service. When this option is active wrapping your functions with Epsagon will be skipped.
  • metadataOnly - When set to true, will cause Epsagon to report only the metadata of the operations to Epsagon's infrastracture instead of the operation's full data.
  • handlersDirName - Customize the name of the directory epsagon stores its handlers in. Do not use this option unless you know what you are doing :)

Function Level Options

These options are defined at the function level, under the epsagon member of your function in the serverless.yml file. Available options:

  • disable - When set to true, disables Epsagon for this specific function.
  • wrapper - The wrapper to use to wrap this function. If not specified defaults to Epsagon's regular lambda wrapper. available wrappers:
    • for Python:
      • lambda_wrapper - regular lambda wrapper
      • step_lambda_wrapper - Used to wrap step functions
      • python_wrapper - Used to wrap regular Python functions (doesn't have to run on Lambda)
    • for Node.js:
      • lambdaWrapper - regular lambda wrapper
      • stepLambdaWrapper - Used to wrap step functions
      • nodeWrapper - Used to wrap regular Node functions (doesn't have to run on Lambda)


  • Does this plugin work with webpack?
    • Yes! you can use webpack or any serverless plugins utilizing webpack with this plugin. Just make sure to specify this plugin before any other plugin in your serverless.yml:
        - serverless-plugin-epsagon
        - serverless-webpack
        - any-other-plugin