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This old AlumniBook Project is a part of 
Buku Alumni Project ILUNI-FTUI.

1. Starting from Questionnaire,
2. Process 'em with information system
-- using PHP as front end and Delphi for data entry
3. And our final product is a book,
-- basically a printed version of this database

The book project is initiated by Aswil Nazir,
The questionnaire made by Zaenal Fanani,
Data collecting worked by Ade Tauhid.

I only contribute a small part,
it is the information system.

The original name is YellowBook.
I've renamed it to AlumniBook
since code rewrite using CI.

This old project is using CodeIgniter 1.6.1
Therefore you need PHP <= 5.2 ,
You may need to downgrade PHP in your system.

As the project has stopped in 2007,
I'm uploading it for legacy purpose only.

I currently (2011) continue this project
in other framework for learning purpose.

Have fun

~epsi @rizqi

Firebird Instruction

There is a sample database with fixtures that you can use.
First, extract sample database,
then add aliases in your firebird.

$ gzip -d YellowBook.sample.fdb.gz

Add aliases in 
IluniBook = /var/www/your_directory/YellowBook.sample.fdb

$ /etc/init.d/firebird2.5-super restart
demo login:
    user: admin
    pass: admin
    user: iluni
    pass: iluni