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AlumniBook on Symfony

This is my first symfony application. For learning purpose so others may have sample and speed up their development process.


  • Simple questionnaire-based data-entry, rewritten on Symfony.
  • Learn, share, and get rid of legacy version.

Related Link

This rewrite version:

The original legacy version:



  • Included many good things from Jobeet documentation from Practical Symfony Book. I also skipped many other good parts. Log of this work in step-by-step.txt.
  • Simple routing class for master-detail table relationship.
  • Base component to render table sheet report with header, footer and grouping feature.
  • Different layouts: layout, error404, ajax, and modal.
  • Mootools integration:
    • ajax request, now we have mootools-symfony-ajax combination (but not integration).
    • form field validation
    • theme effects
    • sfWidgetFormDatePicker
    • dynamic drop down list using ajax (master-detail)
    • Using a special iframe lightbox for value lookup. This input also utilize a lookup modal widget.
  • Oriclone Theme: My personal theme, the original clone. Although I've made it from scratch, it is inspired by other design.
    • CSS compressor task class
    • Custom 404 error page.
    • Controll parameter via app.yml
    • A few source images (XCF's GIMP), only small files.
  • Few plugins: each has their own, most are only mootools wrapper.
  • Also utilize I18n translation in form filter.


Private Plugins

Each plugins has its own readmes:


  • Install symfony 1.4.8 via pear or put it in lib/vendor

  • Download AlumniBook at then extract in your project directory.

  • Configuration:

    Check relative path to the symfony core autoloader

    // config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php

    Check database connection, username and password

    // config/database.yml
      dsn: 'mysql:host=localhost;dbname=alumni'
  • Publish plugin assets

    $ symfony plugin:publish-assets
    $ symfony cc
  • Load sample data

    $ symfony doctrine:build --all --and-load --no-confirmation
  • Configure Apache: Browse to http://alumni/ . You can find sample in apache-alumni.txt in this package for use in sites-available directory. Don't forget to make it available by running a2ensite in terminal.


This work is licensed under MIT License.

The Symfony Framework is licensed under MIT License.

Mootools Javascript is licensed under MIT License.

However some works may apply different license, so I would like to list each to appreciate them.

  • Icons: Silk Icons licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.
  • Images: OpenClipArt licensed under a CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.
  • Mootools Javascript Framework also licensed under MIT-style license.
  • Mootools-Datepicker by Arian Stolwijk (see sfMooDatePickerPlugin), Mootools-NoobSlide by luistar15, Mootools-Reflection by Christophe Beyls and Mootools-Diabox by Mike Nelson licensed under MIT license.
  • Mootools Effects: I also grab many smart sample from David Walsh, and modify those goodies for use with my oriclone themes. It is considered as knowledge for public, not license.
  • The glossy orb logo provided contain Makara logo inside. The Makara logo itself belong to University of Indonesia. You may preferred to use your own logo.