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% Stack - a haskell build tool % by Martin Heuschober % Vienna, Oct. 20th 2015,
License: CC-BY-SA-4.0


standing on the shoulders of giants

Available for

  • Windows
  • MAC OS X
  • Linux in various sorts


what is wrong

  • Cabal builds are not reproducible
  • Cabal-Hell is a very real place
  • Cabal-sandbox fix some problems

  • but not all

personal experience

  • building projects consistently/reproducibly
  • disk usage of sandboxes
- getting an existing project from my predecessor at work which built on his laptop, to build on my laptop took two days and was very messy - dependency solving got in the way - sandboxes used in every project take up loads of space


What does it differently?

  • it uses a "global" db of already built libraries per resolver
  • which minimizes disk usage
  • and even more importantly (re)building time

so what is a resolver

It is just a snapshot of packages which work with each other and have an associated ghc version, they come in two flavours

  • lts-xxx
  • nightly

it downloads and installs

  • ghc in the 'right' version (if not already present)
  • all necessary packages from stackage
  • building happens per default in parallel and sandboxed

new packages

if you are writing a new package it is just a

stack new ${packagename} ${template}


so let's see it in action


``` git clone -b sqlite git@github.com:epsilonhalbe/snap-api-tutorial.git cd snap-api-tutorial mv stack.yaml _stack.yaml stack init ```

big can't do message with good suggestion at the end

stack init --resolver 3.9

writes dummy stack.yaml

stack build

again big can't do message with hint what to put in extra debs

  • see new packages getting downloaded from hackage and new directory .stack-work

  • note that I have already installed plenty of packages - they get not rebuilt or downloaded

  • mention flags, multi-packages

  • docker intgration

  • file watcher

  • stack test/bench/exec

more info, guide

see the gh-wiki