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The top-down beam parser for MG[+SpIC_mrg] implemented here is described in Stabler'12.

The goal of the work presented here is to encourage linguists interested in Chomskian syntax to experiment with formal grammars. This site has top-down beam MG parsers implemented in various languages (so far: ocaml, python, swiprolog, haskell, f#), designed to be easy to understand and modify.

The ocaml and python implementations have tree display. The swiprolog version also has tree display, but is not optimized and so runs more slowly and handles only smaller problems. The haskell and f# implementations have the basic parsing functions, but do not have tree display (yet). The code on this site is work in progress!

Interaction is in line mode now, so we use a line editor like rlwrap or ledit -- not necessary, of course, but convenient.

Short videos to quickly illustrate getting started with these parsers:

Background: Minimalist grammars (MGs) are described in papers linked here. An MG can be regarded as a kind of MCFG. The parser implemented here is adapted quite directly from the MCFG parser on this branch of the github site.

Extensions in progress: -SpIC, adjunction, directional selection, epp and persistent features, head movement, reduplication, relativized minimality

Code for the first commit comes from the UCLA "summer 2012 comp lx" project with contributions from: Erik Arrieta, Victor Chou, Paige Fox, Timothy Ho, Eric Nam, Denis Paperno, Floris van Vugt, Edward Stabler

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