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The most basic use of Clize, a function passed to run which just prints "Hello world!" by returning it.
Greets a person or the world. Demonstrates the specification of positional and named optional parameters.
Python 2-compatible version of the above example.
Prints back some text. Demonstrates the use of *args-like parameters to collect all arguments, flags, short aliases for named parameters, using ArgumentError for arbitrary requirements, as well as supplying an alternate action to run.
Python 2-compatible version of the above example.
Demonstrates the specification of alternate actions.
Demonstrates the specification of multiple commands.
Uses a decorator to add a parameter to a function and change its return value.
Uses a decorator to supply an argument to a function depending on several parameters.
Uses a decorator to add parameters that qualify another parameter.
Uses clize.parameters.multi to let a named parameter be specified multiple times.
Demonstrates the use of clize.parameters.mapped, limiting the values accepted by the parameter.
Reimplements a minimal version of clize.parameters.one_of. Demonstrates subclassing a parameter, replacing its value processing, adding info to the help page and creating a parameter converter for it
Extends FlagParameter with an alternate value converter, fixing the default value display.
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