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Microsoft is acquiring GitHub so... #GoodByeGithub !
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Because Github has sold company to Micro$oft, I have decided to remove freeze all my content (and this account):

I will advice you about new code source to reach my projects during next days.

Btw, some other platform will be ready soon here:

A new platform is ready here:

My efforts on to have a better place for all will be always free as I am free to decide where and how my code is spread.

I will never support directly (and I will fight to never support it indirectly) with my work, money/time or donations, energy and personal values or passions (abstract or intelligent) even writing free software, to a (mind)criminal company as Microsoft Inc.

Thanks to all Github's workers that have supported it during this years. ;-)

And a lot of love for the directives that have taken this desition, I hope that some of you enjoy your new houses, cars and so on... Now you probably will understand better latest DDoS (mem-cached dummy style) you recieved (biggest on the Internet's history).

Some kind of "divine justice" will be always with you, from here. >)

And don't worry about us, we will try to keep spreading knowledge, freedom and code, to support to others in other places, probably more des-centralized and federated zones and sure with a more real freedom way.


/ 2018 - psy (

D.P: Dramatization:

EXTRA: "CVE-2018-11235 git RCE":

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