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Resources for Chinese learners
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Resources for Chinese learners

I am currently learning (or rather, trying to learn) Chinese -- spoken Mandarin and Cantonese as well as both traditional and simplified characters. It's a bit of a crazy endeavour and I expect it to take quite a few years.

Being a geek, of course I try to use technology wherever appropriate, to help me learn (and to give me the feeling that I am revising the language while in fact I am tinkering with technology). The material in this repository is the outcome: a bunch of documents and tools which I created primarily for myself, but which others may find helpful.

You may use all material in this repository under the terms of the Noncommercial-Share Alike Creative Commons License. Note that commercial use is explicitly excluded; for example, if you teach in a private language school or give private tuition, you must not use this material without first obtaining a separate, commercial license from me. You may, however, use it freely for your own study, and you may publish modified versions of it provided that you clearly identify me as original author, and publish your own versions under the same conditions as this license.

Although I've put a lot of effort into checking this material, it may of course contain mistakes. If you find any, or want me to add something to the repository, I'd be grateful if you could let me know. Construct my email address as follows: my first name (Martin), followed by the at sign, followed by

Author: Martin Kleppmann.

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