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- <h1>Fuego Core XML Diff and Patch Tool</h1>
-The Fuego Core XML Diff and Patch tool is a fast and memory-efficient
-general-purpose tool for diffing and patching XML files. The underlying
-algorithms have been described in
-T. Lindholm, J. Kangasharju, and S. Tarkoma:
- <i>Fast and Simple XML Tree Differencing by Sequence Alignment</i>,
-Proceedings of ACM DocEng 2006.
-<a href="">[]</a>
-<a href="">[]</a>.
-<p>The source code for the tool is released under the permissive
- <a href="">MIT license</a></p>
-<h2>Installation from Source</h2>
-<p>At this point, we only provide source-based installation from the
- <a href="">Subversion</a> repository
-here at Hoslab. Sorry. We're looking into providing more
-straightforward methods, such as a downloadable binary. Please request
-an alternate method if you find that you'll need one.
-<p>To install the tool using the subversion repository at Hoslab,
-proceed as follows.
-<li>Make sure you have Subversion, a Java Development Kit (>=version
- 1.6), and Apache Ant (>=1.7, older ones may work) installed. In
- Debian based-distributions, make sure the
- package <code>ant-optional</code> is installed.</li>
-<li>Check out the sources using Subversion:
-svn co svn://
-<li>Then, <pre>cd trunk/java/xmldiff</pre></li>
-<li>Run<pre>ant</pre>to get instructions on how to proceed project setup.
-The project setup phase should download all dependencies automatically.</li>
-<li>After project setup is completed, invoke (again)
-to compile the sources.
-<h2>Diffing XML</h2>
-The easiest way to get the diff between the files <code>old.xml</code>
-and <code>new.xml</code> into <code>diff.xml</code> is to invoke
-the <code>diff</code> Ant task:
-ant -Dbase=old.xml -Dnew=new.xml -Ddiff=diff.xml diff
-Naturally, you may invoke the tool using <code>java</code> directly with
-the appropriate classpath. For instance,
-java -Djava.ext.dirs=../contrib/jar:contrib -cp =build/lib/xmldiff.jar fc.xml.diff.Diff old.xml new.xml diff.xml
-<h2>Patching XML</h2>
-As for diffing, their is an Ant target for patching. To patch
-<code>old.xml</code> with <code>diff.xml</code> to get
-<code>new.xml</code>, you run
-ant -Dbase=old.xml -Ddiff=diff.xml -Dnew=new.xml patch
-As in the previous case, direct invocation can also be used. In this case
-the main class is <code>fc.xml.diff.Patch</code>
-Last update <i>$Id:$</i>

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