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Developing the invoicing gem

For development, you need up-to-date versions of the following gems (sudo gem install <gemname>):

  • rake
  • activerecord
  • mysql (if you use MySQL)
  • pg (if you use PostgreSQL)
  • newgem
  • flexmock

Fork the invoicing gem on GitHub, then clone it to your machine:

$ git clone


You need to set up a test database. You can modify the settings for the test database in config/database.yml, but if you stick with the defaults, you can set up the database like this:

$ echo "create database ept_invoicing_test" | mysql -uroot
$ echo "grant all on ept_invoicing_test.* to 'build'@'localhost'" | mysql -uroot

Then run the tests by typing rake.


To set up the test database, run something like the following as root:

# su -c 'createuser -SDRP invoicing' postgres  # (enter "password" as password)
# su -c 'createdb -O invoicing invoicing_test' postgres

Then run the tests by typing:

$ DATABASE=postgresql rake
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