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<title>jScrollPane - changelog</title>
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<h1>jScrollPane - changelog</h1>
jScrollPane was originally developed in December 2006. Since then it has been constantly updated to
fix bugs and add new features. The change history since November 2008 is available in the jScrollPane
<a href="">git repository</a>. In August 2010 a major rewrite was
undertaken, starting from a blank canvas and adding long awaited features like horizontal scrolling
and automatic reinitialisation. If you want to find old versions of jScrollPane then there are links
to the still available versions below:
<ul class="link-list">
<li>2011-01-31 - <a href="">2.0.0beta9</a> - new API methods, bug fixes and correct keyboard support for FF/OSX</li>
<li>2011-01-29 - <a href="">2.0.0beta8</a> - touchscreen support, improved keyboard support</li>
<li>2011-01-23 - <a href="">2.0.0beta7</a> - scroll speed consistent (thanks Aivo Paas)</li>
<li>2010-12-07 - <a href="">2.0.0beta6</a> - scrollToElement horizontal support</li>
<li>2010-10-18 - <a href="">2.0.0beta5</a> - jQuery 1.4.3 support, various bug fixes</li>
<li>2010-09-13 - <a href="">2.0.0beta4</a> - clickOnTrack support, bug fixes</li>
<li>2010-08-27 - <a href="">2.0.0beta3</a> - Horizontal mousewheel, mwheelIntent, keyboard support, bug fixes</li>
<li>2010-08-21 - <a href="">2.0.0beta2</a> - Bug fixes</li>
<li>2010-08-17 - <a href="">2.0.0beta1</a> - Rewrite to follow modern best practices and enable horizontal scrolling, initially hidden elements and dynamically sized elements.</li>
<li>2010-06-11 - <a href="">v1.2+</a></li>
<li>2008-12-10 - <a href="">v1.2.3</a></li>
<li>2008-11-29 - <a href="">v1.2.2</a></li>
<li>2008-11-13 - <a href="">v1.2.1</a></li>
<li>2008-11-07 - <a href="">v1.2</a></li>
<li>2006-12-31 - <a href="">v1</a></li>