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Import a new version using git-buildpackage layout:
# the new version you want to import
# the dir where you keep your debian git packaging archive
# download and repackage the upstream source
svn export$VERSION import/libv8-$VERSION
cd import
tar zcvf libv8-$VERSION.tar.gz libv8-$VERSION
cd ..
# import into upstream/$VERSION and automatically merge to master
git checkout master
git-import-orig --pristine-tar ../import/libv8-$VERSION.tar.gz
To update to a new version:
1) generate debian/ and debian/control :
DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 ./debian/rules debian/control
2) if this is a new v8 branch, don't forget to update debian/watch
gbp.conf and branched versions
v8 stable versions (upstream /branches/), are maintained in git-buildpackage,
and are mapped to :
* (master, upstream) for unstable releases, passing all tests on all archs;
* (master-experimental, upstream-experimental) for latest upstream branch releases,
tests are disabled because some might fail.
* (master-stable, upstream-stable) for libv8 in debian/stable.
debian/gbp.conf is configured for each debian branch.