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Commits on May 7, 2009
  1. Implemented clipping to the yAxis range

    Martin Kleppmann authored
    If a yAxis range is specified as an option, and the data values went
    beyond that range, PlotKit previously bounded the points to the yAxis
    range, meaning the gradients of the lines before and after that point
    were wrong. I have now implemented a proper clipping algorithm which
    adds additional points if necessary, representing a cut-off/flattened
Commits on May 6, 2009
  1. Implemented clipping for line charts

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  2. Better _evaluateLimits behaviour with xAxis option

    Martin Kleppmann authored
    Previously _evaluateLimits searched for the globally maximum x and y
    values in the datasets, and adjusted the boundaries of the axes
    accordingly. However, this is does not always do what you would expect:
    Imagine, for example, you've got the dataset of a stock price over
    several years, and you've set the xAxis option to zoom in on a small
    area of that data. The variation of the value over that short period
    would be much less than the variation over the course of serveral years,
    and accordingly you would expect the scale to be adjusted to the
    selected xAxis range.
    I have changed the behaviour of _evaluateLimits so that it takes the
    xAxis option into account unless a yAxis option is also specified.
  3. Code cleanup in line chart layouting

    Martin Kleppmann authored
    I removed the condition 'if ( != "area")' because the "area"
    chart type does not exist anywhere else. I'm not sure if this was
    accidentally left in the code after some refactoring in the past, or if
    it was the beginnings of a new feature. In any case, I think that it
    makes sense that the points in a dataset should be sorted before
    connecting them up with a line, whether or not this creates an area
    graph. Unless you want to be able to create graphs which wrap back on
    themselves on the x axis... but that should probably be a completely
    different layout type anyway.
  4. Remove horizontal bar chart code duplication

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  5. Bar chart layout can now cope with negative values

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  6. Fix for axis ranges between 0 and 1

    Martin Kleppmann authored
Commits on May 5, 2009
  1. Fix pie chart labels

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  2. Remove spurious x axis labels when axis bounds set

    Martin Kleppmann authored
Commits on Apr 26, 2009
  1. @cederberg

    Removed JSAN and Dojo module import options, since they aren't much u…

    cederberg authored
    …sed and doesn't add anything much.
  2. @cederberg
  3. doc and tests now maintained on gh-pages branch

    Martin Kleppmann authored
    GitHub pages is a very convenient way of serving a website for a
    project; they can automatically generate HTML from markdown, have syntax
    highlighting, etc. and it's all updated automatically when you push to
    the gh-pages branch.
    I've also put the tests there, but made them reference the latest
    version of the PlotKit javascript on the master branch. This will enable
    us to start having continuous integration tests, since a push to the
    repository is all that is needed to bring everything up-to-date.
  4. Better calculation of axis scaling

    Martin Kleppmann authored
    Previously PlotKit was bad at handling large values in charts (see
    tests/bignums.html). This patch introduces a more structured approach to
    choosing axis scaling. It's not perfect yet as the definition of what
    constitutes a "good" scaling still needs tweaking to match intuition.
Commits on Apr 25, 2009
  1. New test: multi-line graph without fill

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  2. Merge commit 'cederberg/master'

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  3. README based on

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  4. Add myself to the copyright

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  5. Relative path refs in tests

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  6. Add MochiKit as a git submodule

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  7. No reason to put packed file in version control

    Martin Kleppmann authored
Commits on Apr 13, 2009
  1. Merge branch 'martins_fixes'

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  2. Option to show percentages by pie chart slices

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  3. Some rendering tweaks

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  4. Add a missing semicolon

    Martin Kleppmann authored
  5. Maintain an explicit list of dataset names

    Martin Kleppmann authored
    Explicit datasetNames rather than relying on the keys of the datasets object, which causes
    problems if other scripts start doing stupid things like adding
    keys to the prototype of 'Object'.
  6. Don't assume MochiKit export to global namespace

    Martin Kleppmann authored
    MochiKit allows you to set MochiKit = {__export__: false}; to avoid
    cluttering the global namespace. This patch allows PlotKit to work even
    if that option is set, by always using fully qualified MochiKit
Commits on Jan 24, 2009
  1. @cederberg

    Added support for 'strokeColorTransform' and 'fillColorTransform' to …

    cederberg authored
    …be generic functions (modifying a color argument).
    Added support for a new 'fillColor' option for setting a fixed fill color (similar to 'strokeColor').
    Refactored stroke and fill color handling to reuse the same code instead of copying it everywhere.
  2. @cederberg

    Changed to relative URL:s in the test suite.

    cederberg authored
    Also added a default version of MochiKit into the package for convenience.
Commits on Oct 16, 2008
  1. @cederberg
Commits on Aug 8, 2008
  1. @cederberg

    Added support for new "area" style for layouts, which simply draws a

    cederberg authored
    filled polygon with all the data points in the graph. Useful for drawing
    min-max charts of values (requires some pre-processing though).
  2. @cederberg

    Fixed "point" chart rendering for plain Canvas renderer (previously

    cederberg authored
    mistakenly identical to SweetCanvas). Also fixed a bunch of minor
    stylistic issue in the rendering and increased configurability somewhat.
Commits on Aug 7, 2008
  1. @cederberg

    Improved drawing of line charts with shouldFill set to false. The lines

    cederberg authored
    are now drawn in the correct color with a white outline (in the sweet
    canvas) instead of all being white.
  2. @cederberg

    Temporary fix to SweetCanvas to use colors even if shouldFill is set to

    cederberg authored
    false. Also updated the packed version of PlotKit from recent patches.
  3. @cederberg

    Patch from Kieren Chapman to fix broken bar chart layout methods

    cederberg authored
    _evaluateBarCharts and _evaluateHorizBarChart in Layout.js. To do
    this, the new method _barChartXDelta was added to correctly calculate
    the xdelta value used in both bar chart _evaluate methods. The
    _uniqueXValues method was also modified to accept an array argument
    whose elements are added to the returned array of values. The
    _uniqueXValues method is adapted to allow the correct array to be
    returned for the bar chart  _evaluate methods without effecting the
    returned value elsewhere where it is used. A few trailing whitespaces
    were also removed.
  4. @cederberg

    Fixed bug with wrong dimension being used to render background lines

    cederberg authored
    in the horizontal bar chart. Patch from Kieren Chapman.
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