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Contributing via Pull Request (PR)

Credit: benrudolph (Ben Rudolph)

The first thing you'll want to do is fork the neighbor-cook/neighbor-cook repo so that you have your own version of the repo. Here are instructions

Once you have forked a repo, you'll always create new branches on your origin repo, push that repo and then send a PR to neighbor-cook/neighbor-cook.

Here is an example workflow:

git checkout -b hotfix

This will create a new local branch from whatever branch you are on (usually master). You can check what branch you are on using git branch

Make some commits and fixes on branch hotfix. Then when you can push to origin which is your remote fork. In my case it would rpandey1234/neighbor-cook. Here's how to do it:

git push origin hotfix

This command pushes branch hotfix to remote repo origin.

Once you've pushed your branch up, log on to github and there will be a button to send a PR to neighbor-cook/neighbor-cook. You can continue pushing commits to hotfix with git push origin hotfix and the PR will be updated. Once the PR is merged with neighbor-cook/neighbor-cook, you'll no longer be able to do so, so you'll need to work on a new branch.

How to update a branch with the newest code from upstream/master

Usually you'll want to update your local master branch or the branch you're working on with upstream/master every so often so as to get the recent changes. To do so execute these commands:

git fetch --all
git merge upstream/master

The first command gets all the branches on upstream and origin. The second command merges `upstream/master with your local branch.

Here's a graphic detailing what this all looks like:



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