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This sample shows how to use Vortex and how you can still use every known concept of ASP Core, like handling Concurrency Conflicts. This project also showcases a recommended project structure for small to medium sized solutions.


  • Controllers built with Vortex monads.

  • Use of built-in ASP Core DI to inject side-effects (Ef Core repositories and Automapper).

  • Injecting behaviors (not dependencies) for the business logic using Vortex.

  • EfCore Concurrency Checks integrated with a global error handling. Note: Concurrency expection errors return a flag AllowRetry so your client app can show better feedback to the user or even automatically retry operations.

  • Sample tests.

  • MVC App using Javascript and jQuery.

  • Appveyor CI.

Project Structure

  • ConcurrentOrdering.Domain: This project contains all classes related with business logic and persistance of the application.

    • Behaviors: Those are static classes that contain the business logic. Each method should be a Pure Function, that give us guarantees on the behavior of the Application's core but also makes it easier to test.

    • Infrastructure: Data-persistance and other side effects.

      • Data: Data-contexts and data-seeds.

      • Repositories: Persistance-related classes.

    • Models: Domain anemic entities.

  • ConcurrentOrdering.Domain.Tests: Sample tests (this doesn't intend to be a complete test suite for a production project).

  • ConcurrentOrdering.Web: This project contains all specific web-app stuff.

    • wwwroot: javascript and css.

    • Commands: Actions that can be executed by the controllers.

    • Controllers: They contain Vortex Monads that handle the execution of an action received by the web-app.

    • Migrations: EfCore migrations.

    • Models: You can add here View Models and other kind of DTOs.

    • Views: Razor views.

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