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Equilaterus base boostrap theme


Branch Build status Version
Master Build Status 0.0.1-unreleased
Dev-unstable Build Status 0.0.1-unreleased

How to start


  • Option A: Use the ps1 files that are inside the utils folder:

    • Run once win-install.ps1 to set up the environment. To run PowerShell files on Windows: Left click > Run with Powershell.

    • Run win-run.ps1 to run bootlaterus. It will open a browser with hot reload so when you update one of the template or scss files it will show you an updated version of bootlaterus.

    • win-build.ps1 will just generate the output css files into dist folder to distribute your own version of bootlaterus.

  • Option B: Execute the commands like on any other OS.

Any OS

  • Using VS Code terminal run the following commands to setup the enviroment:

    npm install -g grunt-cli
    npm install
  • To build and run the project in a synchronized browser with hot-reload, run this command:

  • If you want to generate only the output files (dist/ folder) without running the server, run this command:

    grunt build


Always be sure to modify the files located at src/ and not at dist/, when building files located at dist/ will be overwritten.