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Find Bootlaterus showcase and starter guide at the Official Site

Bootlaterus includes Bootstrap v4 and has extended components that don't require additional Javascript to work.

Build a great responsive UI with Bootlaterus, the Compatible and Friendly Bootstrap Superset.


  • Includes CSS components and helpers from Bootstrap v4 so you'll work on a familiar and compatible environment.
  • Custom CSS components to create Side Navbars, Extended Carousels, Backgrounds, Beautiful Gradients and many Utilities that make even easier to use Bootstrap.
  • Bootlaterus doesn't require additional JS files to work, so it is 100% compatible with Bootstrap Default jQuery implementation but also with ports like React-Bootstrap, ReactStrap, ng-bootstrap, bootstrap+vuejs and almost any JS implementation of Bootstrap Components.
  • Multiple themes including color and font variations. See all available variations here
  • All our build scripts are open source so you can use them to create your own themes.


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This project is being developed and maintained by Equilaterus.