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Bootlaterus GitHub Pages

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Easily integrate Bootstrap to your GitHub Pages.



This project is based on Jekyll Minima, extending and simplifying the original theme to give it a Bootstrap-like flavor.

  • Create a Github Page.

  • Download Release Assets from this repo.

  • Uncompress files on your repo.

  • Update _config.yml file with your own data.

  • Choose a theme updating the file _includes/head.html, by uncommenting or adding a link to a Bootstrap Compatible theme. You can freely use Bootlaterus Open Source Themes.

  • Push changes to your GitHub repo!

Testing locally

Option 1: Run util scripts

  • Install Ruby.

  • Run the PowerShell files on the _util folder:

    • install-site: run once to install bundler and all dependencies.

    • run-site: run to start the server.

Option 2: Commands

  • Install Ruby.

  • Run the following commands to install the site:

    gem install bundler
    bundle install
  • Run this command to start the server:

    bundle exec jekyll serve