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Equilaterus CLI-Tools for PowerShell
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Equilaterus CLI-Tools for Powershell

  • Effortless Powershell Scripting.

  • Errors do not close command line windows.

  • Great to write CLI utils for your projects.

  • It is Multiplatform!


  1. Download _EquilaterusCLI.ps1.

  2. Under the same folder as _EquilaterusCLI.ps1, create a ps1 file using the following snippet.

. $PSScriptRoot/_EquilaterusCLI.ps1

Function Invoke-Script {
    # Add your commands here
    # ...

Start-Cli -Title 'My Title' -Filename 'FileToSearch'
  1. Run your script!

Start-Cli params

  • Title: short text describing your task.
  • Filename: The tool will search for this file to start the execution.
  • AlternativePath: by default it is '..'. If the Filename wasn't found the script will lockup in this path.

It's common to create your scripts under a folder in your repo (usually utils/, scripts/ or tools), Filename and AlternativePath will grant that the script is always executed in the desired folder.


Suppose that your util files are located under utils/ folder, the correct script to Run npm install will be something like this:

. $PSScriptRoot/_EquilaterusCLI.ps1

Function Invoke-Script {
    npm install

# You can omit -AlternativePath
Start-Cli -Title 'Install JS APP' -Filename 'package.json' -AlternativePath '..' 
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