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Komodo is a software distribution system.

The purpose of Komodo is to automatically, reproducibly, and testably create a software distribution. Automatic deploy of new releases, as well as nightly deploy and the option of automatically moving the testing stage, is supported.


The tool is not hosted on PyPI but can be installed with pip directly from GitHub:

pip install git+


The documentation is online. Developers can build it by installing with dev-dependencies by running pip install ".[dev]" and running make html in the docs directory.

Basic usage

We have a 'repository' of packages described in a YAML file. Each package contains a list of one or more versions. Each version contains:

  • Build information.
  • Maintainer.
  • Source, e.g. PyPI or a GitHub repository, if required.
  • Dependency list, if any.
  • Other metadata, depending on the type of package.

For example, we may have a repository.yml like this:

    make: sh
    makeopts: --virtualenv-interpreter python3

    source: pypi
    make: pip
      - python

Note that is a script that comes with komodo (in komodo/data); it will use the system Python in the environment it builds.

Now a 'release', e.g. stable, is defined in another YAML file, e.g. stable.yml, containing some or all of the packages in the repository file:

python: 3-builtin
treelib: 1.6.1

A full software distribution can then be built and deployed to a specified path, e.g. ./builds/stable-0.0.1, with the following command:

kmd stable.yml repository.yml --prefix builds --release stable-0.0.1

To use this environment, type source builds/stable-0.0.1/enable.

Other komodo commands

As well as the kmd command, this package installs several other commands, each with its own options:

  • komodo-check-symlinks — Verify symlinks for komodo versions are according to a given config
  • komodo-check-pypi — Checks if pypi packages are up to date
  • komodo-clean-repository — Clean up unused versions in the repository file based on a set of releases
  • komodo-create-symlinks — Create symlinks for komodo versions
  • komodo-extract-dep-graph — Extracts dependencies from a given set of packages
  • komodo-insert-proposals — Copy proposals into release and create PR
  • komodo-lint — Lint komodo setup
  • komodo-lint-maturity — Lint the maturity of packages
  • komodo-lint-package-status — Lint the package status file
  • komodo-lint-upgrade-proposals — Lint the upgrade proposals file against the repository file
  • komodo-non-deployed — Outputs the name of undeployed matrices given an installation root and a release folder
  • komodo-post-messages — Post messages to a release
  • komodo-reverse-deps — Extracts dependencies from a given set of packages
  • komodo-show-version — Return the version of a specified package in the active release
  • komodo-snyk-test — Test a release for security and license issues
  • komodo-suggest-symlinks — Returns a pull request if the symlink configuration could be updated
  • komodo-transpiler — Build release files

Run tests

In a virtual environment:

git clone
cd komodo
pip install ".[dev]"
pytest tests